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New out of the box Chromebook 11 displays "Chrome OS is missing or damaged"

I have attempted to use the Google Recovery Utility but this Chromebook is not even listed! Acer's CHromebook 13 is listed but not the 11.

I have chatted with Google and have been referred from tech specialist to product support... just wanted to give everyone an FYI. I will say that this particular Chromebook is not readily available, so hopefully they'll have this resolved before it is. 

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  • jaycruzjaycruz Posts: 1Member
    Same out of the box problem here, why would ACER even sell a chromebook11 without a recovery image readily available, I tried using the chromebook 13 recovery but the system doesn't recognize it. Please help
  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Posts: 1,450Acer Crew Acer Crew

    Hi guys,


    I'd like to get a bit more information to see what I can do to help resolve this issue. Can you provide me with the exact model number you have and if possible, the first 10 characters of your Serial Number? You can private message me that information if you'd like.


    Also, can you provide me with the model provided on the Chromebook error page? If you aren't there, you can get there by holding ESC+Refresh and powering on the system.



  • iteachnologyiteachnology Posts: 2Member

    Sorry, but I've returned the Chromebook and purchase another from a different company. :/

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