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Can I replace the main hard drive?

noholy1noholy1 Posts: 2Member

To Anyone WhoMight Help:
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated whether they're a cure or just a heads up that there's nothing that can be done - or, how to determine where along that timeline I may be.
I dropped a 3.5 - 4" diameter ground magnifying glass from its insecure desklamp holder onto (as one's looking at the open notebook) the lower right surface of the notebook ( a fall of 6-8") . The glass weighs aprx 1-1.5 ibs. The computer screen fluctuated for a sec or 2 and then went to a black screen with the error message reading "disk read error - press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. The command does nothing. The unit turns off after depressing the on/off button and when power is restored, it returns one to the error message after a blinking cursor for a few secs. I think the C Drive or main hard drive of the unit was damaged to the extent that the thing can't read itself. I'm told there is no laser reading device - that the drive is hardwired to read itself and from there send the data to where I'm unsure.
I'm asking if it's possible to replace the main hard drive with another component. Also, if that can be4 done, what the concomitant probs may be that one may encounetr. Thanks to anyone who suggests any idea at all. I scewed up inadvertent ly and would welcome the chance to buy and install a fix at my risk entirely.

Davbid Lyle - noholy1

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