Push Button Reset - in System Restore's Protection Settings WHAT IS IT FOR?

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I just did a REFRESH of my Acer ATC-105-UR10


After it came back to life I went looking the system to see if it set up correctly and I found this under Protection Settings when you go to Configure System Restore.


After Speaking to ACER’s technicial support.  I changed the settings for the SYSTEM Protection back to the way it was after the hard drive was REFRESHED. 


AFTER I Did the Refresh.  I actually set PUSH BUTTON RESET to “ON”, since I thought it should be ON and protecting!


After the Reset of the PC when I Went to Recovery and looked at

CONFIGURE SYSTEM RESTORE it was set like this:


Available Drives       Protection


Acer (C) (System)     ON

Push Button Reset   OFF


I then changed “Push Button Reset” to “ON”. 


I thought I better call Acer, and 2 technicians, one a supervisor, told me to set “Push Button Reset” to OFF again, since that is the way the technicians set this up in order to not damage the hard drive. 


Since when it was Refreshed it was OFF, they said LEAVE IT AS YOU FOUND IT!





Here is how it looks NOW:    (IS THIS CORRECT???  What is PUSH BUTTON RESET for anyway???)


Copy of Push Button Reset the way it looked RIGHT AFTER the REFRESH and the way it is end of the day 9-13-2014.jpg





Push Button Reset the way it looked RIGHT AFTER the REFRESH and the way it is end of the day 9-13-2014.jpg


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    Yes it's correct.


    Push-button Reset is a built-in recovery tool that allows users to restore their operating system to its original state while preserving their data and important customizations, without the need to back up their data in advance.


    So you DON'T need to have System Restore on this folder.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
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    Thank you!  I was looking in a book too called Windows 8 Bible by Jim Boyce & Rob Tidrow, and on page 697 they had their system set as ON for the (C) System drive and for the folder called Recovery (D) it's Protection Setting was set as "OFF"


    I thought System Restore points were created every day?  All I saw was one Restore Point for one for 9/12/2014 that the system did after I did the Refresh and I created one MANAULLY, because a big update is coming so I made one on 9/13/2014.


    With that Push Button Reset's Protection setting set as "OFF", will my system keep making DAILY restore points on it's own?

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    Answer ✓

    Restore point are created automatically from your System only when big changes or important system changes are done.



    Just remember that a system restore, saves you only if something went wrong on Windows system and want to revert back before this happened.


    the best way to backup everything is a system image:



    I'm not an Acer employee.
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