Acer Portal for BYOC crashes

dackerdacker Member Posts: 6

I recently learned of Acer BYOC and have begun experimenting with this service.  Suddenly, Acer Portal would crash at launch with the following information:


Problem signature:

Problem Event Name:   APPCRASH

Application Name:   AcerPortal.exe

Application Version:

Application Timestamp:   53e20cf2

Fault Module Name:   USER32.dll

Fault Module Version:   6.1.7601.17514

Fault Module Timestamp:   4ce7ba59

Exception Code:   c0000005

Exception Offset:   0003da5f

OS Version:   6.1.7601.

Locale ID:   1033

Additional Information 1:   0a9e

Additional Information 2:   0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Additional Information 3:   0a9e

Additional Information 4:   0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789


I tried rebooting, uninstalling only Acer Portal, reinstalling only Acer Portal, uninstalling Acer Portal and AOP Framework, reinstall both in various combinations without success.


I finally found the problem.  If Acer Portal tried to log-on with my existing Acer ID, Acer Portal will crash.  After I created a new Acer ID, Acer Portal launches normally.


This is happening with Acer Portal Setup v3.01.2011, which I downloaded this morning as well as yesterday with Acer Portal Setup v3.01.2006.


No other "ab..." applications were installed.


The host PC has a clean install of Win7 Pro with all updates.


Apparently there is a bug, possibly involving a corrupted Acer ID account.


Thank you.

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  • twospiritstwospirits Member Posts: 9


    I got that message a few times and in my case I realized it was due to not connecting to the internet for the program to connect and update. (i usually turn on the laptop first and then my external devices like my hotspot) I reversed the procedure (turning on the hotspot first) and when the laptop booted up it connected to the web, updated itself and no more issue.



  • dackerdacker Member Posts: 6

    I'm on a wired network which is definitely "live".


    I just ran an additional set of tests:

    1. Logged-out of my secondary Acer ID and logged-in with my primary Acer ID.  Acer Portal did not crash.
    2. Rebooted my host PC.  Acer Portal Autoruns -- or at least tried to run.  It crashed as before.
    3. Uninstalled Acer Portal and AOP Framework. I use Revo Uninstaller, Freeware in advanced mode to be thorough. The stock uninstaller leaves Registry entries and orphan files behind, which is bad behavior.
    4. Reboot
    5. Install Acer Portal (and AOP Framework)
    6. Ran Acer Portal
    7. Logged-in with my secondary Acer ID account
    8. Crash.  Now my secondary Acer ID account is toast.
    9. Uninstalled Acer Portal and AOP Framework
    10. Reboot
    11. Reinstall Acer Portal (and AOP Framework)
    12. Ran Acer Portal
    13. Created new Acer ID
    14. Crash.
    15. Become VERY frustrated

    I'm ready to give up on Acer BYOC before I even get started.

  • dackerdacker Member Posts: 6

    There is effectively a gate blocking me from Tech Support because I cannot provide a serial number/SNID of an Acer PC under warranty.


    How does one go about getting BYOC Tech Support from Acer if you don't own Acer hardware? Acer clearly states BYOC is available to run on PCs other than Acer.


    I'm not about to pay $100 for a support call for Acer software which should just work on my clean PC.  I also suspect the paid service would just have me go through my very thorough troubleshooting steps and is also unlikely to have intimate knowledge of BYOC/ab applications.


    Smiley Frustrated

  • dackerdacker Member Posts: 6

    Okay, this gets weirder.


    I left my PC on overnight with Acer Portal in a just-crashed state.  When I came in this morning, I said, "What the hell" and launched Acer Portal. Lo and behold, it launched and logged me in using my third Acer ID! Huh?


    I then logged out of Acer Portal and sucessfully logged-in using my original Acer ID.  It again worked!


    I have no idea why Acer Portal would crash six ways to Sunday yesterday but after "baking" overnight, it's running okay.


    I'm continuing my testing, being careful not to logout, reboot, or shutdown my PC.


    Regardless, I don't feel Acer BYOC with ab-branded apps are ready for primetime.

  • FovFov Member Posts: 26

    Hi Dacker:


    If you want to use other Acer BYOC Apps, you can directly sign in from other app, without through Acer Portal

  • dackerdacker Member Posts: 6

    Do you mean Acer Portal is not needed to use the "ab" applications? I've been operating under the belief Acer Portal is essentially the "engine" and functionality is enabled by running the "ab" applications on top of Acer Portal.


    A cannot let the opportunity pass to point out there is virtually no documentation on how this is all supposed to work nor is there any support documentation.  The feature set of each "ab" application is glossed over in marketing terms and there is no "How To" material available.  I've been trying to figure it out for myself and as you can see in my previously posted experiences, I'm rightfully frustrated.


    I've probably spent 30 hours messing with BYOC and "ab" applications and mobile apps. I've found bugs and incorrect descriptions and ommissions in the marketing materials.  Acer should pay me for software validation services. ;-)  (Actually, I beta test hardware, firmware, and software on the side for several well very known companies and have done SQA professionally.)


    Sorry for the rant/venting....

  • HoneybeeHoneybee Member Posts: 50

    Hi Dacker:


    Yes. In previous version, it really needs to Acer Portal so that you can sign in with your Acer ID. However, in the new version of Acer BYOC Apps, Acer Portal is not necessary for sign in.

  • dackerdacker Member Posts: 6

    Honeybee wrote:

    In previous version, it really needs to Acer Portal so that you can sign in with your Acer ID. However, in the new version of Acer BYOC Apps, Acer Portal is not necessary for sign in.

    Thanks for the clarification. This is the sort of fundamentals which are undocumented.


    Since Acer Portal is not needed for the "ab" services, what purpose does Acer Portal serve? The only functionality I see is that it offers a cloud server-less DropBox-like service to sync the contents of a single folder (abBox) with other devices.


    I started experimenting with an Android tablet yesterday, beginning with abPhotos.  abPhotos runs MUCH better on Android than iOS.  I have been unable to download any image files over 3.5MB on iOS but have so far exceeded 20MB files on Android.


    Speaking of both Acer Portal and Android, do you know why Acer Portal is available for Windows on the "server" PC, also for Android clients, but not iOS clients? What does it bring to an Android client?


    I really appreciate your contributions, moreso since it's outside of your real responsibilities at Acer.

  • FovFov Member Posts: 26

    Hi dacker:


    abApps(such as abPhoto/abMusic/abFiles/abDocs)is really need Acer Portal so that you can sign in with your Acer ID in pervious version. After you signs in Acer Portal, you can view and manage your Acer BYOC Apps devices which are signed in with the same Acer ID. After you install Acer Portal on your PC, you can use abBox.


    At present, Acer Portal is not available foe iOS since the abApps on iOS device does not need Acer Portal. 

  • HoneybeeHoneybee Member Posts: 50

    Hi dacker,


    For Acer Portal, you can use it to register Acer ID and your Acer device(s). Therefore, Acer Portal is only available for Windows and Android, not on iOS. As you mentioned, the only functionality that it’s based on Acer Portal is abBox. If you would like to use abBox, you need to install Acer Portal first.

  • dustydirtroaddustydirtroad Member Posts: 3

    so what do we need the pocrtal for then?
    I'M trying to set up a new all in one and gaving the same issues... along with my wireless keyboard not working. but it does work on the second user account.
    4 days somfar i might be returing this thing. first time ever issues with acer


  • tinaleetinalee Member Posts: 38

    Hi dustydirtroad,


    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


    About Acer Portal, you can use it to register your Acer device(s).

    You can find the below link for registering device.


    For investigating the appcrash problem, could you help to use Send Feedback with the second account?


    Thanks for your kindly help.

  • dustydirtroaddustydirtroad Member Posts: 3

    portal can't be used when it crashed as it's trying to load.
    Can't understand your last sentance? English or Typing?
    Finally got it to load this am when I did a full sysstem restore to original mfg specs.
    Now the keyboard worked but as soon as I put in my microsoft account it stopped so I'm assuming it's the "sync" and will need to reset it again because the device manager only finds a usb not working and I know I read the usb 3 was to be backwards compatable. and It's not that if it works on my Husbands user account.
    Set up an new user account for myself and it's working there.
    Needless to say that sync on the cloud needs to be turned off and I can't delete the file I think it is.
    Please work this issue out with microsoft since your set up pretty much makes you use those accounts.

  • tinaleetinalee Member Posts: 38

    Hi dustydirtroad,


    Sorry for misunderstanding.

    You said "but it does work on the second user account." -> Did you mean the miscrosoft account? Or Acer ID account?


    For Acer Portal crashed issue, could you help to upgrade Acer Portal to the latest version, launch it and see if you could use send feedback to us?


    Download from

    Use Acer Portal to Send feedback:

  • dustydirtroaddustydirtroad Member Posts: 3

    So far I believe it was the microsoft sign in that caused it all.
    I cleared everything through microsoft help, "sync" is the issue. When setting up a new computer and sync the old desktop and user settings apps and all. It apparently set my Tablet system on my desk top. Couldn't use my keyboard, and the portal crashed too. Once It was cleared it downloaded the latest itself, and I'll let you know if it crashes again. I believe it's a system issue with microsoft conf.
    I have tried to install programs and one installed no issue another didn't want to install.
    they are older versions of windows but should still install with the "use as" so we shall see if the portal still crashes. Haven't needed to use it only to register and I believe it is now registered.
    Thanks for the help so far.

  • PenthePenthe Member Posts: 1 New User

    I have a brandnew Acer E5-551G-F371 with Windows 8.1 and Acer Portal stopped working after every boot, but with a little delay. Via Taskmanager i have Acer Portal disabled and Acer Portal still starts but does not crash anymore. In some way Acer Portal starts double and crashes. So try to disable it in the Taskmanager by startup and see if the problem stops.


    Kind regards


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