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What graphics card can I run on a Acer Aspire 3910 e3002

AndiautopsyAndiautopsy Posts: 4Member

I was curious what graphics card could i  upgrade to with this  computer I believe it has a pci xpress x16 slot but I'm not sure the version or what cards would fit or be useable I enjoy gaming  and unfortunately I dont think the integrated card will work well...


if anyone could suggest  a card or help me id really appreciate it.  I havent been able to find any  real decent print out of specs for this pc  or  its pci xpress slot.


  • Joshua188Joshua188 Posts: 523Member

    here are a few options.







    VisionTek 900463 Radeon HD 6570 Video Card - 1024MB, DDR3, PCI-Express (x16), 1x DMS59, 1x Mini DisplayPort, DirectX 11, Single-Slot, Low Profile


    VisionTek VTK X1300PCIeDMS Radeon X1300 DMS Video Card - 256MB, DDR2, PCI Express (x16), 1x DMS-59, 1x S-Video, DirectX 9, Single-Slot, Low Profile




    NVIDIA GeForce 210 Video Card - 512MB DDR3, PCI-Express (x1), 1x DMS-59, 1x DisplayPort, DirectX 10.1, Low Profile, Fan, (900334)


    NVIDIA 900325 GeForce 210 Video Card - 512MB, DDR3, PCI-Expres (x16), 1x DMS-59, 1x DisplayPort, DirectX 10.1, Single-Slot, Low Profile



  • AndiautopsyAndiautopsy Posts: 4Member

    Thanks josuha what would you personally recommend ? as the best bang for buck?  I really really appreciate your help

  • TabbiekatzTabbiekatz Posts: 760Member

    I like this one, it has more video memory and you can get better graphics:


    VisionTek 900463 Radeon HD 6570 Video Card - 1024MB, DDR3, PCI-Express (x16), 1x DMS59, 1x Mini DisplayPort, DirectX 11, Single-Slot, Low Profile

  • AndiautopsyAndiautopsy Posts: 4Member

    Thanks for some reason  ican only find the 512 meg varient i was wondering if you guys might have a link to some where that sells that card you mention tabbiekatz?

  • tom85tom85 Posts: 256Member

    Hello m8.


    What PSU do you have? how many Watts?


    Thank we can thing what, the best GPU you can put inside.

    Also it will be good if you change your PSU on about 450W+, than you will be can putt more powerfull GPU.


    Tabbiekatzte tell me why Low Profile GPU? If he can put normal one, case its big enought.

    But also we dont know how much money you want to spend on upgrade your pc. If you can tell us, than somebody can choose the best performance one.

  • AndiautopsyAndiautopsy Posts: 4Member

    I have the out of the box power supply I believe its a 300 watts I deally id like to spend about 150 on a  card   my understanding the specs of my pc are somthing as followed from what ive been able to piece together


    if i knew how to upload a photo id take a picture of the slot in my pc and post it. 



    • Processor Brand: Intel
    • Processor Type: Core i3 550
    • Processor Chipset: Intel® H57 Express Chipset
    • Processor Speed: 3.2GHz
    • Bus Speed: N/A
    • Level 2 cache: 4MB Memory
    • RAM: 4GB
    • RAM expandable to: 8GB
    • Memory Type (RAM): DDR3 Storage/DrivesHard drive size: 1TB
    • Hard drive speed: N/A
    • DVD Drive: DVD-Super Multi; Blu-ray Disc Drive: No
    • Burns DVDs: Yes
    • LightScribe: No Expansion
    • Available PCI Express x1 Slots: 1
    • Total PCI Express x 1 Slots: 2
    • Available PCI Express x16 Slots: 1
    • Total PCI Express x 16 Slots: 1
    • Available Internal 3.5" Bays: 2
    • Total Internal 3.5" Bays: 3
    • Available External 3.5" Bays: N/A
    • Total External 3.5" Bays: N/A
    • Available 5.25" Bays: 1
    • Total Internal 5.25" Bays: 2 Ports
    • HDMI: Yes
    • USB 2.0: Yes, 10
    • DVI (digital video interface): No
    • Microphone Input: Yes
    • Media Card Reader: Yes Internet/Networking
    • Ethernet: Yes
    • Wireless/Wi-Fi: No
    • Dial-up Modem: No
    • Bluetooth Capabilities: No Graphics/Video
    • Video Card: Integrated Intel®HD Graphics
    • Dedicated Video Memory: N/A
    • Shared Video Memory: N/A
    • Video Input: VGA, HDMI Software
    • Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
    • Accessories
    • Keyboard: Yes
    • Keyboard Type: Corded
    • Mouse: Yes
    • Mouse Type: Corded
    • Speakers: No Dimensions
    • Height: 38.1cm
    • Width: 18.03cm
    • Length: 41.91cm
    • Weight: 11.34kgs General Features
    • UPC: 884483716722
    • Manufacturer's Part Number: PT.SDX02.057
  • Joshua188Joshua188 Posts: 523Member

    hey there Tom, The reason you generally would like to use a low profile card is beciase of the simple fact it takes less space insde the case allowing more upgrades to the unit. Also the serice mentioned does have a good size case but insde is still a bit small. Smiley Happy Also to the person looking to buy one I would check out the places below for the card.








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