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7600u factory restore

My boss bought an Aspire 7600U with Windows 8..unfortunatly you cant add Windows 8 to a have to have Windows 8 Pro or Ent.  So I installed a new copy of Windows 8 Pro on the current Windows partition making sure to leave the other 3 recover partitions alone (Drive 0 Partition 1: Recovery, Drive 0 Partition 2: ESP, Drive 0 Partition 5: Push Button Reset). 

Well now my boss wants the gesture software back on here and its not availible from the download section of Acer.  I would like to try a factory restore and try to do and upgrade to pro instead of a full reinstall. 

I have tried F8...ive tried Shift+f8...ive tried Right Shift +f8...ive tried Left Shift +f8...ive tried F10...ive tried f11...ive tried f12 and nothing will boot me into safe mode menu.  I log into the machine and go into msconfig to get to the safe mode selection screen and it boots straight into safe mode not the selection menu to try and do a restore...ive searched online for restore documents...ive tried to go to the PointGrab website to redownload just the software....nothing works. 

What do I need to do to restore this pc back to when it was pulled out of the box?

FAQ & Answers

  • tom85tom85 Member Posts: 256
    1. Locate the Alt key, to the left of the space bar, and F10, on the top row of keys.
    2. Power the system on.
    3. When the system is powered on, tap the Alt and F10 keys together at the same time when the Acer splash screen appears.
      It should state "Please wait a moment..." with the Acer logo in the upper left hand corner.
    4. At the eRecovery Management menu it will ask you how to restore.
    5. Click on the restore option you would like to use.
  • Joshua188Joshua188 Member Posts: 523

    you would need the recovery drive that the person would have created or the recovery disk. you can always buy a set on

  • Joshua188Joshua188 Member Posts: 523

    Tom also FYI ALT F10 does not work on windows 8 units.

  • Mouse51180Mouse51180 Member Posts: 6

    Confired... ATL+f10 does not work.

    What are all those recovery partitions doing on my machine if I still need a recovery disc to get everything back to factory?

    So all the original software is gone then?

  • tom85tom85 Member Posts: 256

    You have right Joshua188Smiley Happy Different BIOS? thats why its not work any more?

    What with Acer eRecovery Managemen doesn't work also?

  • Joshua188Joshua188 Member Posts: 523

    yes, when you run the ull install of the MS windows 8 pro it should write over the entire drive. you would need the recovery drive or disk to recover the windows 8 OEM os.

  • tom85tom85 Member Posts: 256

    So if he still have Recovery Partition he will be able to use Acer eRecovery Managemen and restore to Factory Default??




    BTW Joshua, thanks for info, that will be good for me on futureSmiley Happy never restore Win8.


  • Mouse51180Mouse51180 Member Posts: 6

    Yea...go to the Acer ERecovery site to look at recovery cd and get this...

    No RCD available for the entered Serial Number.


    I dont know who to hate more for this Acer or Microsoft.

  • tom85tom85 Member Posts: 256

    Check this one , maybe its work also wind Win8.

    I dont have win 8, but i hate it alredySmiley Happy

  • Mouse51180Mouse51180 Member Posts: 6

    Oh...FYI for anyone else out ther... There is no option to buy the 7600U with Win8 Pro...on Win8..

    Just gets better and better.

  • Mouse51180Mouse51180 Member Posts: 6

    Ill try the link Tom...Thanks for the help guys

  • Joshua188Joshua188 Member Posts: 523

    well thankfully Acer has no control over the OS Smiley Tongue wish you best of luck.

  • tom85tom85 Member Posts: 256

    M8 you've check Acer eRecovery Management? Tell us if it work;p

  • TabbiekatzTabbiekatz Member Posts: 760

    For the recovery disks, call 1-800-910-2237. They may need to order it in a different database. There is always a way Smiley Happy

  • Mouse51180Mouse51180 Member Posts: 6

    Cant find a copy of the eRecovery Management software to try it...the only version I found is 3.0.3014 and it gives and error of "eRecoery can not be installed - 1.Bootable File"

  • tom85tom85 Member Posts: 256

    Windows 8 dont have this software inside?

    I think every new pc have got it.

  • tom85tom85 Member Posts: 256

    m8 i found it


    But you need to choose Restore factory settings.

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