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replace hard drive on an acer aspire v5-571p-6400

tranoskytranosky Posts: 1Member

I want to replace the factory hard drive with an ssd drive. I know it is available and can be done. Anyone have a manual that shows the proper way to remove the back cover without damaging it


  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

    This is a fairly complicated process and not something that we have available.

    It will require an almost complete disassembly of the system.

  • acer571owneracer571owner Posts: 4Member



    To the Acer Customer Support...


    "fairly complicated"


    My first Acer purchase, purchased Acer Aspire V5-571P-6473 and wondering why did it do it.


    Replacing HDD is a very common thing, HDD tend to fail more often than other parts or we might need to switch higher capacity or to faster one like SSD.  Easy access to HDD should have been provided by design, I guess someone didn't think thru during product design.  However atleast you should provide a manual/instructions on how to replace HDD with the product or even better a create video and post it on your support website or on youtube, and let user use it at their own risk and might loose warranty.  Not providing support or helping your customer isn't going to help you with repeat business, should be going above and beyond.




  • skaraiskarai Posts: 1Member

    I couldnt agree more - due to not being able to replace the hdd easily this system design can not be recommended for purchase. The built in 500 GB Hitachi HDD is by no means an adequate match for the powerful cpu. Poor, customer unfriendly design choice Acer. 

  • rgersonrgerson Posts: 1Member

    I also agree. Even if Acer doesn't want the user to upgrade the hard drive, eventually the HD will NEED to be replaced.  I can understand the design may be tricky with such a thin laptop. But, not having a procedure/documentation for HD access is unacceptable. What, if any thought went into this lack of support decision?  I just bought an Aspire V% but I will be returning it. NO upgrade or eventually repair = NO purchase

  • DaveKDaveK Posts: 3Member

    You may be able to find some instructions at www.crucial.com .

  • ElizabethSElizabethS Posts: 845Member

    While our members are generally eager to provide useful information, be advised that Acer does not validate third party external links for downloads or content and is not responsible for them. Acquiring files through such links or using directions found there is at the user’s own risk.

  • acer571owneracer571owner Posts: 4Member

    Nice...Acer Support cannot help with HDD replacement and looks like Acer Support does not want members to help each as well.

  • johnnyxjohnnyx Posts: 1Member

    Stumbled across this and was appaled at Acer's lack of support. Let's see if they post this.

    Short version: Remove all screws on the bottom and the battery. Look under the battery for the little grey buttons. Push on these to pop up the keyboard. Remove keyboard and remaing screws underneath. Disconnect cables. Lift. Hard drive exposed! Good luck folks.

  • andressierraandressierra Posts: 1Member

    How to replace hard drive full guide:





    Acer does not makes responsable for this and you WILL lose your warranty dissasembling your laptop.


    Smiley Wink

  • RasmusARasmusA Posts: 9Member


    Do you know a guide for the V5-573G?

    Kind regards,

  • Vince53Vince53 Posts: 805Member

    Rasmus, we need some clarification. You are asking about two different models. Did your original hard drive fail, or are you trying for a better hard drive?

  • RasmusARasmusA Posts: 9Member

    Hello Vince53


    I want to install a new and better hard drive.
    I think the standard one is slow, noisy and too power consuming. 
    I wonder if it might be as easy on the S3, when you just have to remove the bottom. 

    Kind regards,

  • RasmusARasmusA Posts: 9Member

    And sorry for asking in this thread, but I could see that you were competent and there are alot of topics that aren't being answered. But I hope that you can and will help me :-) 

  • Vince53Vince53 Posts: 805Member

    Thank you, Rasmus. Every review I found on your model raved about it, although some people are having trouble keeping the Wi-Fi connected. A couple reviewers complained about the slow  hard drive, and one fellow successfully replaced it with a 256GB Samsung SSD. He mentioned that it took him a difficult half hour's work to do it, and he had downloaded the free Acer repair manual online in order to learn how. Yet his biggest benefit is that it starts up in eight seconds now.


    Surprisingly, your biggest problem could be your touch screen. It is controlled by Windows (not Acer) software, and yet it works fine on your model. If you replace the hard drive, you could have some problems getting it to work.


    If you can find someone honest who really knows what he's doing, go ahead. But you're risking a good rig for a small benefit. I wouldn't do it.

  • RasmusARasmusA Posts: 9Member

    WOW Vince53 - Thank you very much for the reply : -)

    Is it possible that you can link to the guy with the 256GB samsung SSD? 

    Kind regards,


  • Vince53Vince53 Posts: 805Member

    I can't link to him Rasmus. I found his post somewhere on the web.

  • RasmusARasmusA Posts: 9Member

    I just don't understand how he uses the standard manual to see how to acces the HDD, there's no information about that.

    TY very much for your help :-)

  • bill14bill14 Posts: 13Member

    just a thought, but you may be thinking of the Acer User's Manual, from Acer. The other person probably has the more detailed assembly/disassembly and repair manual that is available somewhere on the web for the Acer comp.  Can't recall exactly where, but try searching for it and you'll probably find it.  It is not from Acer.

  • RasmusARasmusA Posts: 9Member

    Good idea BIll14

    I have looked for it everywhere (I know) but no look. If somebody could find it it would help me so much. Acer is not willing to help me with anything.

    Kind regards,

  • RasmusARasmusA Posts: 9Member


  • bill14bill14 Posts: 13Member

    try manualslib.com for a 571P service and repair manual

  • VBTechVBTech Posts: 2Member

    It is no more difficult to pull apart then any other laptop without a HDD easy access cover. You have to Remove:

    The battery

    All the screws from the bottom of the laptop "all the same size"

    The keyboard with a small percision flat head  starting at the top and gently prying the keyboard forward and up to pull the clips

    All the screws under the keyboard

    and finally the cables for power button, keyboard, keyboard lights, and mouse pad.

    Lift the top peice of the laptop and there you go

  • windechavezwindechavez Posts: 1Member

    I have an aspire v5-571-6499.  I purchased it in Dec 2012.  The hard drive had problems from the get go...although I attributted it to me getting used to Windows 8 OS.  


    Now, 9 1/2 months later... after rebooting it twice and having error messages stating that the windows updater was corrupted... it finally died.  Acer has replaced my hard drive, I received it today with the recovery disks.  


    [edited to comply with guidelines]


    Best, Winde

  • mynamegoesheremynamegoeshere Posts: 1Member

    I just replaced mine for a SSD drive and it was relatively simple. The trick part is that you have to remove the keyboard first, there are several screws on the top cover below the keyboard that hold the bottom even after you remove all the bottom screws. The keyboard is easy to remove, it is a snap-in panel, just have to insert a very thin prying flat tool and lift around the edges carefully. There are two flat ribbon connectors that can be detached and the keyboard comes out completelly, then remove the screws and disconect one more ribbon cable that is bridging the bottom to the top.


    The bottom cover then comes off easily and you can service anything, without damage. You do not need to remove the RAM or the battery as suggested elswhere, you don't have to force pry anything either, yes lots of screws (about 30 in total) but you end up with 3 parts. 1. Bottom cover with circuits and motehrboard 2. Top Cover with other circuits, screen and touch pad  3. Keyboard by itself. The hard drive is fits neatly nested in a space on the bottom cover and easily removed.       

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