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Acer s7 keyboard issue with repeating characters

I have an Acer s7-391. I have an issue with the keyboard repeating characters. I have seen that mentioned in other threads here but there was no topic dedicated to it so I figured I would start one.


Typing on the s7 is a nightmare. Characters are repeated dozens of times in just a few paragraphs of typing. I chatted with Acer and their solution was a full system restore with no guarantee that it will fix anything. Unfortunately, that would take hours of my time since I would then need to set up my machine again after, reinstall all programs, etc.


Does anyone else have this issue and, if so, did a full system restore resolve it? If not, any other ideas? The other option is to send it in for service but then I am without my laptop for who knows how long.


PS: I had an issue with wifi dropping but that was fixed with the driver update.





  • TheACNTheACN Posts: 15Member

    I don't have this issue with mine so I suggest you send your leptop to service, probably for keyboard replacement. I am writing this reply with S7-391 and well, no repeating characters here...

  • BlackAppsBlackApps Posts: 7Member

    Thanks for the note. I am hoping to get a few more replies before I make that choice. I am glad it is working for you so that shows they can make it right.

  • MichaelRothmannMichaelRothmann Posts: 1Member

    I have the exact same pproblem and it is pretty annoying. I uuse my acer for school and do a lot of writing so the problem is real enough for me. I had 2 "incidents" writing this text. If Acer do not come up with a solution, I will have to return it again.

  • magicmacmagicmac Posts: 3Member

    I had the same problem with a Vaio Z in 2009 and I could not believe to see this again with my shiny new Acer S7. But no worries, there's a fix for this:




    If you want the full story with the VAIO, check out this post: http://forum.notebookreview.com/sony/306453-sony-vaio-z-sticky-squeaky-keys-doubled-type-16.html


    On the other hand, consider this as a patch but of course it is NOT ideal. Acer should fix this hardware problem instead of selling premium notebooks with bad keyboards and bad trackpads (tapping the trackpad fails 30% of the times in my case!)


    Good luck guys!


  • BlackAppsBlackApps Posts: 7Member

    Good info, manythanks. I installed it and saw no repeats in a couple of paragraphs of typing. I will keep working on the s7 and report back on extended use.

  • rosustefanrosustefan Posts: 26Member

    hey, magicman! i have the same problem with repeating characters. i saw the link you have send but i can.t download the program.


    would you be so kind as to e-mail it to me please?

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  • BlackAppsBlackApps Posts: 7Member

    This worked. I have not seen any repeating characters since it was installed. Amazing. Thanks.

  • charlyecharlye Posts: 2Member


    I have the same problem with repeating characters.

    Please how does you solve the problem?

    Thank you.

  • magicmacmagicmac Posts: 3Member

    Hey guys!


    Download the fix from here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26748522/zechofix.html


    Also, keep in mind that it's a very basic program without an installer, so you better place it in your startup folder so it runs every time your windows starts.


    Cheers and good luck with this "cheapily assembled keyboard". The problem here is when they close everything: depending on how much pressure they apply to the screws, the keyboard AND the touchpad may fail.


    In my case, keyboard double types and the touchpad does not always tap. :/

  • Phil-3Phil-3 Posts: 1,182Member Skilled Practitioner

    Hello everyone,

    While our members are generally eager to provide useful information, be advised that Acer does not validate third party external links for downloads and is not responsible for them.

    Acquiring files through such links is at the user’s own risk.



  • ClericuzClericuz Posts: 1Member

    I have the same problem on S7. The 3d party fix helps to solve this issue but I'm waiting official acer's solution. When are you going to release it? 

  • BlackAppsBlackApps Posts: 7Member

    Totally agree. I would prefer not to use a program someone (awesome) coded as a courtesy to help people with the keyboard repeats. However, without it, I would be ttyping wwith ddouble ccharacters right now instead of having a usable ultrabook that cost way more than average.


    Overall, disappointed with it.

  • magicmacmagicmac Posts: 3Member

    Hey Clericuz and BlackApps! Thanks for your words about the fix, I coded it and even I am not happy having a notebook that has keyboard (and touchpad!) problems. Look, I don't think Acer will release a software fix for hardware problems.


    I got my first Acer S7 and the double type was TERRIBLE (every typed key was repeated) and the keys at the bottom (CTRL, Fn, Alt, arrows, etc) were not working most of the times. The touchpad tap was working 1 out of 8 times. I sent it back (I'm in Argentina so it's a pain!) and I received this other one which -unhappily- has mostly the same problems than the first one but at least the tapping works 8 out of 10 and the keys at the bottom work now.


    In other words, guys, a fix for what will they release? For the touchpad? For the keyboard that repeats or the keyboard that doesn't even type (like those keys at the bottom).


    If you are really unhappy with the notebook, you can do as I did with my original Sony Vaio Z (that had this exact same issue): open, unscrew the keyboard, screw it back, and close the notebook. Why that would help? Because this keyboard/touchpad problem happens (at least that was the problem with the Sony) because of the pressure applied to the screws at the time of closing the notebook. If you unscrew and screw them back, there's a high chance that the problem will go away. It's not really a defective part but just too much (or too less!) pressure applied to the screws.


    Regardless of that, I’m with you when you say you are disappointed with this device. Man, we bought a premium notebook which has a legend (above backspace) that reads “Professionally Tuned” that really, seems to be a joke. Anyway, I’m unable to open my notebook these days but I’ll probably do it in about two weeks and post here the results.


    Keep in mind that opening your notebook voids your warranty.




  • rlieng1rlieng1 Posts: 2Member

    Hello guys,


    Has anyone tried to unscrew  and screw backthe bottom of their laptop? The fix doesn't quite work for me! Also, it seems that my keyboard is getting  worse and worse! the spacebar frequently stops working as well as types 2-3 spaces. My Ctrl key also doesn't work very often some of the letters (especially M) type repeatable characters as well. This isa tragedy! As you can see from metypingthis theproblem isterrible!


    Plus Ihave the patch onright now ... that could explain the non repeating letters but the spacebar is driving me crazy!

  • charlyecharlye Posts: 2Member

    Thank´s for answer

  • cristianocristiano Posts: 8Member

    I sent back the ultrabook to acer italy and they change the keyboard. the new one works worse because it repeat characters (as the old one) and if i press the side of every key the keyboard don't reacts. the guy that change the keyboard said that is normal, each key must be pressed on the center, that is impossible when writing a paper. It said also that i am the only with this problem and if other people have this problem they can inform acer taiwan that should find a solution. .. so complain complain and complain!!!! Smiley Wink

  • rosustefanrosustefan Posts: 26Member

    i went in service with my laptop a couple of times and they unscrewed the components inside the laptop and it seems the double tap has dissapeared! ( by mistake, the service guys said that they can't solve the problem. it looks like it's a screwing problem.... but i don't think that there is only a problem of unscrewing the top cover, but unscrewing the components of the laptop ( i had the motherboard replaced. )


    besides that, anyone else has prorblems with the speakers? i had them replaced 2 times and all of them make a buzzing sound when listening to certain frequences. anyone? please? they said they won't change the speakers again.





  • cristianocristiano Posts: 8Member
    Hi Stefan, the speakers of this laptop are so BAD but i didn't notice this problem in my s7. My buzzing sound come from the backlight of keyboard!

  • rosustefanrosustefan Posts: 26Member

    Yes, i have that too, i know. Make a test, listen to some youtube music or some interviews.

    The defect is not so obvious when listening to good music, because of the multitude of instruments playing in the song.

    Try listening some clear piano songs, on youtube, and see what happens.


    Or maybee you got a good set of speakers, which would be great Smiley Wink



  • cristianocristiano Posts: 8Member

    Oh yes, in a clear piano song i notice this buzz immediately but for me isen't a problem because i always listen music throught external speakers!

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