windows 8.1 working with the acer bio protection programe

bezzabingbezzabing Member Posts: 1

hi i am daniel the problem i have is:

acer bio protection when i get to the windows logon password i put my password in and it says" my password is incorrect" i know this is wrong, i belive its to do with some thing to do with the windows 8.1 logon witch takes your accournt of your live account on line is there away to fix this or should i just git rid of the programe??



many thanks

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  • RyanrrRyanrr Member Posts: 831 Practitioner

    Are you using the Acer Bio protection program to save your login passwords? What computer are you using that came with the Acer BIO protection software?

  • SchopSchop Member Posts: 1

    I think I am having the same problem with Acer Bio Protection. Hopefully this can be fixed with some elaboration:


    My computer is an Acer TravelMate 8172. I have replaced the original OS (windows 7 pro) with Windows 8(.1) pro x64 and have not installed any of the manufacturer drivers, as everything I need works out of the box. Except that I cannot change the registered fingerprints, so I installed Acer Bio Protection.


    I am stuck at the "Initial Wizard" (The one that asks me to locate the finger print reader and practice enrollment): The third screen of the wizard asks for the "Windows Logon Password". I enter my windows login password but it pops up the error "Password incorrect. Please try again."


    I have double checked and tried several times to eliminate typo's. The password is definitely correct yet Acer Bio Protection does not accept it. I have also tried my bios password instead but no luck. I used to have a PIN to log into windows 8 and I have tried entering my PIN instead of password, but no effect either. The last think I tried was disabling my PIN and trying again, but still it will not accept any password.


    Can anyone help me with this issue? I would really like to enroll more fingers than the single one I use now...

  • fws98ws6ttfws98ws6tt Member Posts: 18 Troubleshooter

    I have the same problem with my aspire 8951 , i had a hard drive go  down and had to reinstall windows 8.1 pro , I got the reader to work by reloading the Windows 7 fingerprint application from acer driver run it in  compatibly  mode then go back and downloaded the windows 8 driver for the fingerprint reader it's working but it's saying the my password is wrong! it says it go's by windows password I've tried everything I can think of   

  • MonoqoqueMonoqoque Member Posts: 1

    same problem exactly here.
    Anyone find a solution???

  • Simone81Simone81 Member Posts: 2

    I have an acer 5950G and i got the same problem from win 8 and win 10  like you all, guys this is a total shame on Acer support, its  just a driver to update, and then it could work fine but they dont care about  customers after they paid.

    Im really disappointed about it. So far no fix.

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