i bought my first and last acer product becasue

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I don't know about anyone else but i bought this laptop because my brother had a window 7 acer and he said he had no issues with it.so i bought this win 8.1 laptop and i am sorry i did. not only is the machine a let down but acer support has been a let down as well. I didnt want win 8.1 and this is the first windows machine that i bought that didn't have a physical bios so i could downgrade.  and now acer wont let me return it without a penalty so I guess I will have to sell it. and just go with a different brand. I recommend alot of laptops to people on yahoo answers and at the college i work at, so I wont be recommending acer to n\any of them either.  not only is the machine a letdown but the support was a let down. i got the wrong info on several calls before i finally reached someone at corporate who explained things properly to me about some of the issues with the RAM limitations on this machines and the Bios.  I also had difficulty with acer community and had to register more than once. I was told when buying the laptop (it was a gift to me) that if bought form the acer store that the product would not be registered to the buyer. So when i received the unit, I registered it and i got a confirmation email. Only when i called tech support when my log in failed,tech support said it was registered to the person who bought the laptop. I dont use companies that waste my time and dont allow me to use my computer the way I want to or need to.  Now i will not only have to get rid of this so i can get a non windows 8 laptop, but I will probably have to take a loss.  I have had this less than two weeks and i just hope I dont get stuck with a useless brick because I DONT WANT WIN 8.

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