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I need an Acer Aspire V3-571G-9686 with a touch screen, is this possible?

SriessSriess Posts: 2Member

I've been trying to find a good notebook with 15.6'' screen, 6GB RAM or more, NVIDIA graphics, Windows 8 AND a touch screen. The windows 8 in conjunction with a touch screen is especially important since I'm required to have that in my course in .NET and windows 8 application development this spring.

So far I have been able to match almost all of the criterias, but commonly either NVIDIA is replaced by Intel HD, or there's no touch screen.


I think I'd even be willing to sacrifice a Nordic keyboard if someone could find me the computer I'm looking for, although a Nordic keyboard certainly would be somthing I prefer Smiley Tongue


It's kind of urgent, as the course begins monday, but I don't mind waiting a bit longer as long as I can get the right one.




  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    Acer does not offer this model with a touchscreen. You may try looking at the V5 or S7, since some of those models have touchscreen functionality.

  • SriessSriess Posts: 2Member

    Thx for the reply Smiley Happy

    I have considered that possibility, but I've decided that I'll go for a regular Acer Aspire V3, rather than keep looking for a touch-screenSmiley Tongue

  • reigh7reigh7 Posts: 3Member

    May I just interject once here while we have the ear of the Acer Techs. You guys have the perfect form factor but it lacks the full suite of options. STOP pushing the S series the harddrive may be all optical and fast but are way too small. The model you should be pointing to is the one with the touchscreen and dual harddrives and had a former TimelineU model line with the said graphics card not on the processor intel 4000 BS. The M series has a weak 2 models could you just add two more to that small list were each of the two that are made now have a INVIDIA GT number whatever graphics card I know you have the motherboard designed it was in the now non existant M-5 Timeline-U but back then it was windows 7 without a touch screen. Why did you drop the graphics card just to add a touch screen. I am pulling my hair out on this one trying to make sence of the backstep in design, no one gets it. I am sure the two of us are not the only ones eaither because it took me a week to find this forum by digging. People probably just give up.

  • reigh7reigh7 Posts: 3Member

    here are the videos on the M5 Timeline U 581TG-6666


    and the now M5 481PT-6488


    while I am at it does the M5-581T-6807 have a touch screen I found one I am interested in because I preffer the bigger screen.

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