Can Acer E1-572-6870 be upgraded to 16GB's memory?

LerianisLerianis Member Posts: 11

Subject of this thread basically says it all: Can Acer E1-572-6870 be upgraded to 16GB's memory like the link at w* says it can?


Or does this computer only have one memory slot and can only be upgraded to 8GB's memory max?


Asking this because on Newegg they were saying that a lot of people got 'flummoxed' by notebooks recently that Crucial said could be upgraded to 16GB's of memory, only to find out that they only have one memory slot and the maximum is 8GB's.

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  • finluxfinlux ACE Posts: 1,834 Pathfinder

    Hi Lerianis!


    That's the first I've heard that! I personally have been using Crucial for years, and have never known them to be wrong - however mistakes can be made, and Crucial will refund you if that is the case!


    Why don't you remove the cover for the RAM (on the base of your laptop) and check to see if you have 2 slots?



  • LerianisLerianis Member Posts: 11

    Mainly because I have not bought the laptop in question yet. I'm really thinking of, if my current computer that is overheating is unable to be fixed, going with this model.

  • LerianisLerianis Member Posts: 11

    True, but I was thinking that was because they had not thought that 8GB single slot modules would come out (it was a very long time before 8GB single slot modules came out for regular desktops). I could be wrong but wouldn't Crucial test that configuation to make sure that it worked?

  • finluxfinlux ACE Posts: 1,834 Pathfinder
    You would have thought that they'd check it.
  • skipwebbskipwebb Member Posts: 1

    I upgraded my memory to 16 from the original 8. I bought the memory on line, but you must specifically request the correct memory for this computer. I tried two different modules before iu got the right one. 

  • MDacerGuyMDacerGuy Member Posts: 39

    yeh i was going to say, because a couple peopl on here reported they did upgrade to 16gig, the thing to remember is to get the correct voltage, i think its 1.3 instead of the normal 1.5 (dont quote me on this though)

  • tvccstvccs Member Posts: 2

    I just have gotten into this issue...and wanted to verify there is a problem with the Crucial Advisor Tool on these E1 systems.  Acer has chosen not to mount a second DIMM holder on some units but uses the same motherboard, which the Crucial tool reads as having two slots rather than one - it's looking at the PCB and not the physical board itself.  I recently put an 8GB module into an E1-51-2602 that only had one DIMM holder...the Crucial tool said it had two.  The 8GB works fine...but the memory has to be the low voltage (1.35v) memory to work, expecially with Quad-Core processors.  


    There's a video online from an Indian firm that goes into considerable detail on these issues....they both sell and service these E-series laptops (below).


    Acer E1 RAM & Hard Drive Upgrades

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