Bluetooth mouse will not connect with Aspire S5-391

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Bluetooth mouse has stopped connecting with Aspire S5-391.  I tried rebooting the bluetooth mouse pairing utility, but no luck.  My Aspire sill not recognize the mouse.  Any suggestions?


  • Ryanrr
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    If you have another Bluetooth device, does it connect and work with your computers Bluetooth? If you are able to connect another Bluetooth device, it would lead me to believe that the mouse is malfunctioning and would need the batteries replaced or the mouse replaced completely. However, if no Bluetooth devices connect then it could be a driver or hardware issue with the Bluetooth card.


    If you do not have another Bluetooth device, try using another computer with a known working Bluetooth adapter and see if it is able to discover and connect to the mouse. If you still have are unable to connect the mouse, it may be that mouse needs to be replaced.


    If you go into the Device manager do you see the Bluetooth device listed under Network adapters?

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    I have the same problem.

    I have also have a Acer Aspire S5-391 where the bluetooth mouse dosn't connect. I have upgradet the Acer to Win 8.1 and connected the mouse. 

    In the beginning the mouse worked fine, but now it seems like the bluetooth can't be switch on.


    If I search for bluetooth settings it shows in the search result, but when I choose the option it doesn't show. 

    In the GUI where I can choose to switch the bluetooth on and of, the option i greyed out.

  • Ryanrr
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    Your situation sounds like the bluetooth driver needs to be reinstalled as it did not install when you upgraded to Windows 8.1 or the driver is not compatible with Windows 8.1.


    If would recommend checking our support site and download the Windows 8.1 Bluetooth driver for your system, if available.

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