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Acer iconia a500 charging

angiegeorgeangiegeorge Posts: 1Member

My a500 charger has stopped working. Can it be charged through a usb lead from a laptop or do I need to buy a new charger ?




  • jezcajezca Posts: 1Member

    My charger for Acer iconia A510 also stopped working.. i tried to look for a replacement but i just couldn't find any.. I finally went to an Acer service center.. and they told me that I have to order a new charger which will take 2 weeks to a month.. I find this really irritating.. why can't they just have it on their stores.. acer modified their chargers and if you lost it or for some reason it stopped working.. you'll have to endure the wait and the bother..

    I hope someone would reply in this thread.. this ultimately made me regret choosing the iconia tab over others in the market..

  • kiwipesokiwipeso Posts: 82Member

    Sometimes it's not the charger, it's the charging port which is dirty with dust, fluff or dirt.

    Just turn it off, hold it hole down and blow in it. Then use a safety pin to clean out any stuck fluff, dirt or dust.


    Then make sure you clean the charger the same way while it's unplugged.

  • KiwikenKiwiken Posts: 1Member

    Has anyhone tried to create a USB based charger - one that does nto require mains power?


    Now I've USB battery stores and solar chargers it would make the tablet really portable rather than having to find mains puwer all the time.

  • kiwipesokiwipeso Posts: 82Member

    It can't get enough charge off usb, so it will not support usb charging. If you had a solar charger that charged at the right wattage and voltage, then you would be able to do charging that way, just not by USB.

  • webrat1962webrat1962 Posts: 1Member

    Here is a ebay link

    /en/home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_nkw%3Dpsa18r-120%26amp%3B_sacat%3D0%26amp%3B_odkw%3Da500%2Bcharger%26amp%3B_lncat%3D0%26amp%3B_osacat%3D0%26amp%3B_from%3DR40" class="Popup

    for the psa18r-120p charger


    PLEASE email the seller to make sure it has the right end and if its for European or US plug-ins.


  • nootje79nootje79 Posts: 2Member

    My original charger was broken within few months after buying it. The cable close to the chargingconnector was broken so out of warranty. It won't charge on normal USB cable since it needs a high power charger. New chargers are available in several (web)shops.

  • jahir11jahir11 Posts: 1Member
    Hi I'm from Panamá and my english is bad but I had the same problem with my a500 charger and take you where an electrician and repaired it.
  • sf95070sf95070 Posts: 1Member

    The a500 will charge VERY SLOWLY through the usb port.  The reason for a separate charger is that in order to charge in a reasonable time the A500 requires a high current (2 or 3 amps) charger.  Replacements are available from 3rd parties, just be sure that the replacement has the same 2 amp rating as the original.  I found a suitable exact replacement on Amazon.

  • Temi_omoTemi_omo Posts: 1Member

    Do you have a link for the charger on amazon please? Thanks.

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