Aspire V3-771G RAM maximum

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I got subject machine and found 4 RAM slots.  Tried to install 2 x 4GB + 2 x 2GB and system can't boot up.  When use them seperately (e.g. 2 x 4GB or 2 x 2GB) then it works fine.


CPU inside is dual-core i5-3210M.  I searched and found Q&A saying that only 8GB is supported for machines with dual-core processors:


However, Intel says max 32GB ram can be support for such CPU


Is it hardware or BIOS limitation by Acer? or acutally it works for more than 8GB and some of u have experience to go beyond 8GB?


If really no more than 8GB then it really wastes 4-RAM-slot configuration that is seldom found in market.


Any ideas/suggestions/comments?


Happy new year!!


  • mik101
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    I wonder if maybe it all has to be installed in matching pairs across all slots. It's been quite a while since I've seen that, but the timings might be harder to manage with all 4 slots populated (as manufacturers frequently mix 2+1=3 2+4=6 etc in two slot configurations with DDR3).


    What do you get for timing values with those pairs installed separately? Check with cpu-z from if you are unfamiliar with memory timings. If they differ the system is supposed to automatically select the highest both pairs would support, but that totally relies on the SPD data programmed into the memory modules by their respective manufacturers. Hell I've even seen modules ship without any SPD data programmed to them at all, unfortunately.


    Are they the same brand of memory? That's potentially another area you could have issues even though in theory you should be able to mix and match modules, it doesn't always work as expected.

  • chrisfong
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    Thanks mik101.


    The timing values amount 2GB and 4GB are the same but they are in different brands.  Agree with u that it might be compatibility issue. 


    Just wondering if anyone can go beyond 8GB as Acer Q&A said such 8GB limitaiton for dual-core processor machines.  For your information 1x2GB + 1x4GB = 6GB works fine.



  • Frigeon
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    Seem to be having the same issue on a dual core machine, purchased an additional 2 x 4GB sticks to a total of 16GB and anything more than 2 sticks in the slots will not post...any combination of 2 sticks works fine as well, unless it's using the upper slots.

  • GazingSkyward
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    Before racing out to buy additional RAM for your V3-771, be aware of the following:


    i.  The V3-771 only supports a maximum of 8Gb RAM if the processor is a dual core model.  If you have a dual core processor in your V3-771, installing additional RAM over and above 8Gb will either result in the notebook no longer booting, or the system booting with only 8Gb RAM available to the operating system.  Quad core V3-771 units can support more than 8Gb.


    ii.  If your system is running a 32bit version of Windows, no matter how much RAM is installed, 4Gb is the maximum amount which can be utilized.  Installing a 64bit version of Windows will overcome this limitation, but be aware that Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit supports a maximum of 8Gb of RAM and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit a maximum of 16Gb.


    iii.  When installing additional RAM alongside the Acer-supplied RAM, use DDR3 PC1600 RAM to ensure that the newly installed RAM happily co-exists with the RAM you already have.  Installing PC1866 or PC2100 RAM alongside the existing RAM may result in your machine not booting, system instability or other undesirable behaviours.

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