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downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7 on Aspire M5-481PT

Has anyone here tried downgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 7 on an Apsire M5-481PT Ultrabook with Touchscreen?  Windows 8 came preinstalled. IE10 is incompatible with our web based company software. Also we hate the user interface.


  • freezafreeza Posts: 1,316Member

    Good day David


    Yes. I can suggest that you first backup your Windows 8 factory image using the acer erecovery management. You have to backup on a flash drive. i suggest that you get a 32Gig Flash drive to be safe. Reason im suggesting that is because you will want to go back to Windows 8 very soon once most programs are compatible with windows 8.


    Do a complete deletion of your HDD partition using a 3rd party software such as Acronis/ Disk Director......this is only a suggestion to make sure that you dont encounter any unforseen problems that Windows 8 partition may give.


    Once you have loaded Windows 7, you can download the drivers from acer website. Please note that there is only 64Bit drivers available.

  • juliec98607juliec98607 Posts: 4Member

    I have tried it and it's not as straight forward as simply installing Windows 7 and loading drivers.  There is considerable setup to get the SSD to be configured correctly for the Rapid Start to work correctly.  Presently, I'm trying to find the right version of Express Cache.  I found but the support manual for the M5-581T says to use  When I tried to install the version, it complained about not being licensed to run.  Make sure you get the right version of Excpress Cache first or you will turn your Ultrabook into a Notebook with a downgrade to Windows 7.

  • davidslee_98davidslee_98 Posts: 4Member

    Thanks for your replies. I appreciate it.

  • davidslee_98davidslee_98 Posts: 4Member

    I imagine we will have to purchase Windows 7 as well? Or is this a free downgrade?

  • juliec98607juliec98607 Posts: 4Member

    I have an MSDN subscription so I have whatever license keys I need.  But that would normally be a concern for anyone wishing to downgrade.

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