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Acer c710 screen spontaneously cracked!

KaraKara Posts: 2Member
I purchased 2 chromebooks last year within a week of each other. This year, within a week of each other both had the screen spontaneously crack, blanking out the upper left corner and producing pixelated lines through the balance of the screen. I have read a number of online posts where the same thing has happened to many others. This seems to be an issue with the product. How do I go about having acer replace the system or screen on my 2 investments. We were very pleased with the product and company until this happened. Now 2 systems are completely down in my house. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.


  • KaraKara Posts: 2Member
    PLEASE NOTE. THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IS POSTED WITH SARCASM. Well in messaging with The Acer representative on Facebook, I was told there is nothing Acer could do. Thank you Acer! Thank you for looking into the issue as maybe a defect in product in your supply chain being many others are having the same issue. Thank you for acknowledging that it was odd that the issue happened with in a week of each other to not one but 2 of your products that were purchased a week apart from each other. Thank you for options to PAY to have it fixed. If this is what customer service is, I will do without! I am floored at your companies lack of due diligence in the matter and unwillingness to look into the issue. You have lost a customer.
  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Posts: 1,440Member



    I'm sorry to hear about your displeasure with Acer as well as your chromebooks. I can certainly understand your frustrated, but glass and LCD panels don't spontaneously crack. There has to be some pressure applied that would cause the crack. The C710 Chromebook has been manufactured and sold for about a year. If there was a defect with the C710 that caused screens to crack on their own, our engineers and analytics team would have identified those issues by now.


    With that said, I've talked to our Level 2 Support team, they've agreed that could bring one of the systems in for repair, we'll cover shipping, and let our repair facility review the unit and determine what the cause is and if charges should apply. If you're interested, please send me a private message with the following information and I'll forward it to our support team so that they can contact you.




    Serial Number(s):

  • ualiuali Posts: 17Member

    I agree with @Acer-Cory, screens don't just crack, there must have been some form of pressure applied.


    Some users should just understand the process and contact Acer Support direct, rather then just bad-mouthing Acer on thier forums...

  • MartynabbottMartynabbott Posts: 1Member
    I have an acer c720 which has cracked in exactly the same place as yours has I have had the same knock back from technical support this seems to be more of a problem than acer are admitting and to the user who says screens do not spontaneously crack then how is it now 3 machines have got exactly the same damage just from opening the lid?? Surely a product has to be fit for purpose and to call itself a lap top it needs to open and close without breaking
  • brsurgbrsurg Posts: 1Member

    The same thing has happened to my screen. I have had it for 1 year. The students at my school were also all given the same computer and the screen has "cracked" on most all of those computers. I've watched students typing away on a beautiful screen and then a moment later etch a sketch lines pop up. I had etch a sketch lines pop up for a long time that would go away. Now I have permanent lines that look like scratches on the bottom of my screen - they remind me of dog or cat scrathches on old big screen tvs. I have zero hope that Acer will help me with this problem or even recognize the problem. It's too bad because otherwise it's a great machine.

  • yuryvyuryv Posts: 11Member

    I personally had the same issue on a C710 and it was due to my user error of mis handling the machine while at the airport. I had to replac the panel.

  • NadiaRNadiaR Posts: 1Member
    The same thing happened to me! Had it for 10 days, went to use it & the screen was 'cracked'. I'm not technical but the pixels in the screen had gone & I can no longer use it. I took it back & was told I need to pay for it to be fixed & was accused of damaging it myself. This is advertised as a 'portable' device you can carry around with you. Mine didn't leave my room & has broken. Has anyone got any advice?
  • mrsc1954mrsc1954 Posts: 2Member

    Uali, mabey you are one of the lucky ones. My sons acer chrome 720 cracked whilst he was using it, according to currys it is a fault, according to Acer it is not their problem! This is despite being told by an acer csa that the screens are (in his words) FLIMSY. fantastic customerservice, i dont think!!!!!

  • unsetisfideunsetisfide Posts: 2Member

    i am a sixth grader who resintly picked up a school 720 to the right of the camra when the screen poped and brock i am being charged 250$ and am deply dissipointed in acer

  • unsetisfideunsetisfide Posts: 2Member

    i disegre i dont like my laptops to brake when you pick them up

  • f47webf47web Posts: 1Member



    I have a similiar issue with my Acer C720 Chromebook, one evening after the machine needed recharging, I turned it back on to find the screen damaged, the machine ahd not been dropped or had anything remotley physical which could have caused it. Could I send the machine into your engineers for repairs?



  • tech-techtech-tech Posts: 1Member

    Same here, I'm afraid.

    I bought 25 C720P's as a test for outfitting our school.

    Over the last 6 months we have had screens shatter on 8 of them...and this is with lid and case shells installed.

    We've had a few of them in protection even shatter while in a padded neoprene case.


    We aren't expecting bullet-proof laptops...but losing 1/3 of the machines in less than one school year is rediculous.


    Support says the laptops are sensitive...yup...gotta agree...too senstiive for schools.

    We are now buying Deel education models which are better built for schools.


    Very sad, I really liked the c720p.



  • churmchurm Posts: 1Member
    The same thing has happened to my acer laptop and I havent even had my laptop 2 months! So far acer want to charge me to even though ive sent them several links from pepple who have had the same issue, and currently speaking with thr company I brought it off. This is so poor of acer who clearly are aware of this.
  • mrsc1954mrsc1954 Posts: 2Member

    Oh yes they do crack spontaneously, i have seen it happen and there are numerous people who have experienced the same problem. Acer are selling their chromebook with sub standard screens and they are aware of this issue.!

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