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Replacing HDD with SSD acer aspire v5-573g HOW TO?

Hi. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to do this? Tried to do a google search, but wasn't able to find a guide. Do I have to remove the keyboard gain access to the HDD/SSD-slots? I guess I will just give it a go if I don't get any replies, but I would really appreciate some pointers before I got to it, haven't done this before..

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  • Ruben14Ruben14 Posts: 1Member

    Struggling with the same thing.. have you been able to do this?

  • moonlandermoonlander Posts: 10Member

    Yeah, it was fairly simple. You gain access to the ssd-slot (and everything else) by just removing all the screws under the keyboard. When you install Win 8, make sure you remove the original HDD and just keep the SSD, otherwise windows will install on the HDD automatically (I was unable to install Windows on the SSD when both harddrives were installed, might be because the original acer harddrive has a partition reserved for windows recovery). 

  • jamenjamen Posts: 2Member

    I removed 17 screws, but I cannot open or remove anything. Am I too carefull or do I forget something? What is supposed to be the action after removing the 17 screws? Please help me.

  • moonlandermoonlander Posts: 10Member

    Yeah, you just have to pop it off. Start on the side with the audio jack, otherwise it might get damaged!

  • jamenjamen Posts: 2Member

    Thanks Moonlander, I was indeed too carefull.

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