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Can't update windows 8 apps

raj9329raj9329 Posts: 1Member



I just bought Acer Aspire V5 laptop using windows 8 4 days ago, I've problem on apps update & install new apps. There is notification to update my apps which is pre installed by Acer one I click update all the pre installed apps was dispear from tiles and pending at store to update and i cannot access this apps at all it's updating almost 2 days and till now till pending. Needs helps on this as well.


I really not accepted this kinda issue in new laptop. Appreacite the helps as well.


  • nikifanikifa Posts: 1Member

    I have similar problems too - basic apps like mail, calender, skype, photos cannot be updated.  I have no problem when I just bought for a month or so but when it starts to receive updates from Windows, quite a number of basic apps cannot be updated - it says there are error code.  This is the first time I am buying an acer product and I am not confident in investing some more...

  • kajhakajha Posts: 2Member

    I am also having issues installing and updating apps in the windows store. Tried installing twitter, fb and adobe photo express..only adobe installed and all other apps gives me error code 0x8024001e. Tried sending acer support email just now so awaiting response. I am in Jamaica and was advised by a friend to go to device manager and change location settings but that did not help at all. Would really like this issue resolved...my laptop is not even 3wks old.

  • RiteshRitesh Posts: 1Member

    Did you find the solution for your problem?
    I am having the same problem my laptop too.
    hope that you can help me....

  • tagstags Posts: 1Member
    Same here!! Just bought mine a couple months ago. Can't update or install apps from store. I've Tried everything I know even to the point of resetting to factory reset. Can someone please help. Lots of people here need it.
  • brummyfan2brummyfan2 Posts: 4,248ACE


    Open cmd with Admin previlages, enter the following command:

    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    take note of spaces between Dism and  /, Online and / Image and /

    Press Enter.


  • CoocooterCoocooter Posts: 3Member

    Hi, I'm new here, and new to Windows-8.  Trying to upgrade my Aspire to 8.1.  Said to go to Windows Ap Store, then locate Upgrade Windows. Been all over the Ap Store, don't find Upgrade, or any way to search. ???

  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Posts: 1,440Member



    Have you tried going to Windows Updates, make sure you're fully up to date and then see if the app appears. An update is crucial to making the update available in their app store.

  • CoocooterCoocooter Posts: 3Member

    Windows-8 has me so all-thumbs I can't even find Windows Updates to be sure I'm cool with that.  Really missing simplicity (for me anyway) of the old layout.  BTW, is thee a click for Accept as Solution or do I just type that myself?  Tnx.

  • rhk001rhk001 Posts: 1Member

    Hi I am having the same problems, I bought the laptop yesterday and it has 92 important updates to do. It wont do the automatic updates. I have tried the help provided in the microsoft communities but no help at all. I cant get them to update. It just searches for updates and sits at 0%.


    Without these I cant update to ver 8.1 please help !!!!



  • CoocooterCoocooter Posts: 3Member

    Mentioned this on Facebook.  Friend said he'd had other updating problems with this same machine and had uninstalled the Norton that came with it and the problems went away.


    Meanwhile, when I turned on the Acer a couple of minutes ago there was a message at the bottom of the password page, saying my machine would re-start in TWO DAYS to continue necessary updates.  ???


    Low techi-tude meets high anxiety.  This can't turn out well!!!


    BTW, closing kudos to the first responder to my plea.  Didn't realize each comment closes with hitting Post.

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