Is there a 15" Acer Chromebook model?

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 My mom has an 11" Chromebook which apparently most of them are.  No problems at all with it, but, she keeps lamenting about missing a sale Best Buy had, which she said offered a 15" screen Acer Chromebook.  The larger screen was the only drawing point for her.  The store apparently sold out of them quickly, but, I can't find a listing for them anywhere, including this Acer site.   Would anyone know anything about this?  Thank you.


  • jescott418
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    Not really, I did see at one time HP had a 14" I believe. Toshiba will be bringing out a 13" which was intro'd at CES last week. Most are geared towards a second device and to keep price down use minimal hardware and small cheaper TN screens. Which if you expand the size you have to increase costs such as battery size, screen costs and possible better hardware. There is of course the Chromebook Pixel at 12.85" but its $1300! 

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