AM1640-U1401A Motherboard

I have an older Acer AM1640-U1401A that I am trying to upgrade. Rather than buy a new machine, I am wanting to put in some new memory and upgrade the processor. I can probably do this quite cheap, considering the age of it. I cannot find a manual for the motherboard ANYWHERE online. I don't even know who makes it. I want to check to make sure I don't buy a new processor that isn't compatible. I also cannot seem to find any model number on the motherboard itself.


Does anybody know what processors will and won't work in it? I know it has an lga755 chipset and is currently a dual core 1.8 GHz (from what I can find online). What is the best processor that this motherboard will support? I found many with MUCH higher specs for only like $20 or $30 on Amazon (cheap upgrade), but I need to know that I am buying something compatible.


  • Hello bcquickstep,


    Herewith the specifications of Acer Aspire M1640:



    - Socket Type: Intel® Socket T LGA 775 pin


    Processor Type:

    - Intel Celeron / Celeron D / Pentium D /Pentium Dual Core/Core 2 Duo / Core2 Quad / Yorkfield / Wolfdale CPUs

      FSB 533/800/1066/1333 MHz CPUs






    - Form Factor: Micro ATX

    - Dimension/Layer: 244mm x244mm



    - Memory Type: DDR2 533/667/800

    - Support single channel 64 bit mode with maximum memory size up to 4GB

    - Support un-buffered DIMM (MCP73S)

    - DIMM Slot: 2

    - Memory Max: 512MB to 4GB DDR2 memory technologies

    - Capacity: Up to 2GB per DIMM with maximum memory size up to 4GB


    Power supply:

    - 250W/300W in stable mode



    - MB.SAK09.007

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