Where to get an OS

kenkenny Member Posts: 1 New User

i want to install another os to my pc, acer model c710, and where to get the o s ?


  • ogryzek
    ogryzek Member Posts: 2 New User

    Search for Chrubuntu (Chrome Ubuntu).


    Similar technique can be used to install other Linux distributions.

    Installing recent Windows seems more of the pain but apparently some folks accomplish that.


    Side note -- depending on your model number, existing storage space on your unit might be quite limited to be subdivided between 2 OS's.

  • jescott418
    jescott418 Member Posts: 38 Troubleshooter

    If you search the web you will find people devoted to walking you through a duel boot of Linux and Chrome OS. Its doable if you like working a bit with a terminal setup. You first have to put your Chromebook into developer mode and then follow steps to install the Linux OS. The only real issue is some experience some issues with things like WiFi, touchpad sensitivity and HDMI compatibility in Linux. Remember, a Chromebook is specifically designed to run Chrome OS. 

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