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chrome book 710 doesn't work

DoreneDorene Posts: 1Member

I got this thing for Christmas and am about ready to throw it out.  I play a game that you send gifts to other players.  I can play the game on here but can not give the gifts as when you click to send gifts another page is supposed to open and it won't. Also I can not check my msn email on this as everytime I go to msn and start to type in my password my gmail account pops up and they are not even close in email or password. Also I can not get it to download pictures from my camera.  Is this thing worth keeping???????

FAQ & Answers

  • jescott418jescott418 Posts: 38Member Troubleshooter

    If you try and send email with a link the default email is gMail on a Chromebook. I will bet you use hotmail/Outlook.com as your mail provider which is web based. Unfortunately you cannot make any other mail provider the default on a Chromebook. Let's faceit, a Chromebook is dedicated to all that's Google. I use Outlook.com and basically if you want to send a link or files by way of your email. You will have to do it manually by copy and paste or save the file and send it as a attatchment. Don't even bother with the Chrome App store which has a Outlook.com app. Its basically just a quick launch that opens Outlook.com in another tab. You have to understand that Chrome Browser is really the only real app that runs on a Chromebook. Everything else runs through that. Its why it can work on even the weakest hardware. A Browser with a OS is what I call it. 

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