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Stuck Recovery

KiowamanKiowaman Posts: 8Member
I am running a full recovery from the partition. It went through fine until it started to install office free trial and will go no further than 10/29. Is there a way to move past? I have turned off and on and choose start windows. It goes back to 10/29 again. I have Aspire AX1430G win 7 built 2011. Thank you for any advice.


  • finluxfinlux Posts: 1,834ACE Pioneer

    Hi Kiowaman


    Start your PC up in safe mode, by continually tapping F8 as soon as you see the Acer logo, then select safe mode.


    When you get to the desktop, press Windows key & R to bring up the run box and type: MSCONFIG then select the "Startup" tab. Look for an entry called Alaunchx.exe and uncheck it. Click Apply/OK then restart your PC as normal. It will now startup without going back to 10/29.


    What you will need to do though, because all the remaining programs/drivers will not have finished installing, is to install them manually. You can do this 2 ways:


    1. Go to the Acer website>Support>Drivers & Manuals & enter the details of your PC and select the correct version of Windows 7 you're using (x86 - 32 bit or x64 - 64 bit). You can then download & install all drivers & applications needed.


    2. Go to Start>All Programs>Acer>Acer eRecovery Management. Click "Restore" in the left hand pane, then choose "Reinstall Drivers & Applications". You can then load all the drivers/apps again from here.


    Once all done, you can then install Windows Updates, your Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware programs & all your documents etc!


    Hope this helps!



  • KiowamanKiowaman Posts: 8Member
    Thank you for your suggestions, I forgot to tell you that I have win 7 home premium. When I am looking at the run box in safe it offers choice of OK , Cancel , or Browse. When I type MSCONFIG it opens a system Configuration box. Folders read General, Boot, Services, Startup, Tools. Under general I chose to open computer in Diagnostic to restrict and see. When at welcome screen I chose administrator and it said that it was disabled. I went back in safe and chose start normal with same disabled notice when choosing Admin . However it has not gone back to trying to lode Office. Thanks again for helping.
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