Difference between C720P-2666 and C720P-2834 Chromebooks

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Just picked up an Acer C720P-2834 Chromebook from Best Buy yesterday. I did some researching and found it on Amazon as well but I chose to purchase from Best Buy as Amazon was out of stock.


During my research I found that the Chromebook listed on Amazon is model number: C720P-2666.


The one I purchased from Best Buy is model number: C720P-2834.


From what I have found is they are pretty much identical in listed specifications but now I am curious if there's any difference between them? Is one newer than the other?


I tried searching Google but couldn't find anything.


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    According to Wikipedia, the difference is a tiny change in weight. Interestingly, there seems to be another model, C720P-2625, with more RAM and less storage for $30 more. Not sure why it's not being advertised. Maybe it's really new?


    Model Battery RAM Storage Weight US$

    C720P-26254 GB16 GB SSD2.98 lb329.99 
    C720P-26662 GB32 GB SSD3.0 lb299.99
    C720P-28342 GB32 GB SSD2.98 lb299.99
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