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Acer Aspire 4820TG | Updating Mobility Radeon HD 5650 drivers help

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before all of this happened, in Device Manager--> Display
adapters, the driver named specifically "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series"
worked perfectly which was able to play everything without it asking to update.


Hello, I am using the Acer Aspire 4820TG with Switchable Graphics [ATI Mobility
Radeon HD 5650, Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD], Recently I have
restored the computer with some errors, It restored the drivers as well as a
fresh one just like when it was purchased, I went ahead and tried to play War
Thunder, the launcher insisted me to update to the latest drivers from the AMD
website, I changed my graphics to DISCRETE instead of SWITCHABLE, and went to
the AMD Website, ran the auto detect install, and it was successfull to the
point where it was able to give me a download. After downloading and installing,
the Display Adapter switched from "Mobility Radeon HD 5650" to "AMD RADEON HD
6500m/5600/5700 series" and the resolution went to absolute *****. (I think it
was 800 x 600) I noticed that this was wrong and I rolled back the drivers,
which lead me to this forum. Can anyone provide advice or a solution so that I
can update my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 so that I can play at least War
Thunder without it telling me to update my drivers which deemed impossible,
thank you. [Right now I have Switchable Graphics on]


This is the details of my Mobility Driver in Device Manager:
Driver Provider: ATI Technologies Inc.
Driver Date: 22/1/2010
Driver Version 8.692.1.0

It wont let me update through Device Manager as it says it is already up to

FAQ & Answers

  • TheReaper1416TheReaper1416 Member Posts: 6

    well i know two ways to install the newest drivers first one is though Steam and the second one is to install it from acer update if you have Steam installed and have already a registerd account then all you need to do is open Steam when you have Steam open click on Steam in the top left hand corner and then click on check for video driver updates and it should install all the new video driver updates if you don't have Steam then click on the windows logo in the bottom left hand corner and search for acer update click on it and it should check for driver updates if there are any updates click install and it should install all the driver updates.

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