ACER chromebook C710 questions

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Hi, I just joined the community, I bought an ACER chromebook C710 throught a Groupon so it's refurbished. It came with some kind of 8 inch "thing", I don't know what it is, can't find any way to attach it. Am also having trouble getting it connected to my router. But my brother in another state can help me with that via Skype, but we don't know what the extra "thing" is? Also, if it isn't obvious, I'm not a "techie".....I have an HP desktop and a Kindle Fire HD which I had no trouble at all connectng to my new Router.  My chromebook didn't come with any kind of "information", guess that's what I get for buying refurbished....Can anyone explain to me what that 8 inch thing is? It might be some kind of battery, but there don't seem to be any plug in's or anything. Thanks very much!


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    Without something more descriptive than, "some kind of 8 inch "thing", it would be a little difficult to determine what you're talking about.  Shape, color, distinctive markings?

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    If it came from Groupon, its the battery, and you are having trouble conecting because your Chromebook came without a charger/ powerbrick. Download the manual when you register your Acer Chromebook, use the serial number to tell you the exact model you purchased.   


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