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Acer Aspire M5-481T - Windows 8 reboot issue

ravi_11ravi_11 Posts: 3Member

hello everyone !

     just upgraded my aspire m5 into windows 8 pro . i installed all latest driver from acer website. windows 8 creshes every time whenever my pc goes to sleep mode , sometime at the time of booting .and  whenever i try to install new synaptics pointing driver it creshes again Smiley Sad

              + Games are not running smoothly as in windows 7.


can any one have a solution for this ! i installed windows 8 3rd time (with complete formet )today but the issue is still there.



and is there any Intel USB_3.0_eXtensible_Host_Controller_Driver for Win 8 coz i don't find any supported driver for my pc anywhere. 



  • freezafreeza Posts: 1,316Member

    Good day


    Update the bios to the latest bios version. Also play around with your sata mode from ahci to ide and vice versa and there should be one that will stabalise the machine. Make sure the windows updates are up to date. As for the graphics, i would recommend that you download the lates graphics card drivers from the vendors website and not acers website. The USB 3.0 driver is also available on the acer website: http://support.acer.com/us/en/product/default.aspx?tab=1&modelId=4280




  • ravi_11ravi_11 Posts: 3Member

    Thanx for replying !

        everything is up-to date , i have latest bi-os 1.12 and latest drivers btw this i updated my AHCI driver with latest one . but problem is still there , and how to switch ahci to ide mode? i have no idea . there is no drivers for ide mode in windows 8.


     and the usb 3.0 driver from the given link is not compatible for win8. i tried from intel offical link but same result again Smiley Sad 

  • akashsoni1995akashsoni1995 Posts: 1Member

    I also have a similar problem i bought an aspire m5 481t two days back with windows 7 and i installed windows 8 in it at home. but it does not wake up from sleep mode when i try to do so i have to wait for long time eventhough it does not start and i have to restart it by pressing the power button for long.

    What can be the reason for it.

    Please give a solution what shjould i do.




  • sb122688sb122688 Posts: 2Member

    what i had to do was go to the update driver page of acer timeline m5-481t page and download the

    MgmtEngineIntelME (Management Engine)Driver8.1.0.125247.9 MB2012/10/18 

    and restart my computer and i could close my screen and everything was back to normal updated from windows 7 to windows 8 pro

  • sb122688sb122688 Posts: 2Member

    And also update the synaptics driver

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