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downgrade to windows 7?

apmapm Posts: 1Member



I am going to buy a new Acer laptop for my daughter but do not want Windows 8 so I have a few questions. I have searched the forums but can not find any similar previous questions.



1)  Is it possible to downgrade to Windows 7 on all new Acer laptops or are some incompatible?

2)  If it is possible to downgrade to Windows 7, is there a free process either from Acer or Microsoft?

3)  If there is no free process, is it as simple as buying a Windows 7 license and installing it?

4)  If I can install Windows 7 onto a laptop, how do I get all the additional free Acer software that is shipped with the laptop that I buy?


Many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions but please don't suggest we persevere with Windows 8, we have tried it extensively and just don't like it.







  • sturmrsturmr Posts: 5Member

    I too would like to downgrade to Windows 7.  I purchased a laptop (Aspire V3-551-8469) with Windows 8 and have been working for 3 days to get upgrades to download. Windows 8 should never have been released...too many bugs!

  • sturmrsturmr Posts: 5Member

    I have now discovered that there is a conflict between Windows 8 and acer services causing dowload / update errors.

  • sturmrsturmr Posts: 5Member

    I was told yeaterday that Acer will not downgrade to Windows 7.  They said purchase it yourself and do so at your own risk.  Was also told that the the fact that Windows 8 will not download Windows updates or updates for their installed APPS that Acer will not honor that as part of their LIMITED warranty. This is a brand new computer. Basically useless as is. Now looks like I will have to pay someone to get it working.

  • jannybeuvinkjannybeuvink Posts: 2Member

    agree, I also have problems.

  • shadowmanshadowman Posts: 16Member
    Is the reason for downgrading related to the touchscreen?  Does the laptop model you want to purchase have this capability?  Or is it that you do not like the new interface?


  • ben_bergben_berg Posts: 13Member

    My system: Acer Aspire V3-771G, i7, 16Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD, 750Gb HD, 17,3" FullHd etc.


    Because I did not like to work with the preinstalled Windows 8 I had the same problem.


    You need to buy a Windows 7 edition of your choice to install it on your Acer Notebook.


    Make the recovery partition media (USB HD, Flash drive etc.) with the Acer Recovery Management,

    you never know what is going to happen if you try to install Windows 7 on a Windows 8 system.


    Don't forget to make the Acer App/Driver Backup DVD before installing Windows 7 :catindifferent:

    as well, you need it to complete the Windows 7 driver configuration once it is installed.


    If you have Windows 8 preinstalled with UEFI BIOS and GPT formatted disks do as follows:


    In the BIOS do the following:

    In the "Security" tab you need to "Set Supervisor Password" to enable, then

    1. set the "Secure Boot Mode" to "Custom"

    2. "Erase all Secure Boot Setting" and

    3. in the "Boot" tab set "Secure Boot" to "Disabled".

    Then reboot into the BIOS (password) and clear the supervisor password.

    The changed security options remain after the supervisor password is cleared.


    In the "Boot" tab then change "Boot Mode" to "Legacy BIOS" and reboot

    and choose by pressing [F12] the CDROM with the Windows 7 setup dvd as boot device.


    The installation starts without problems until the point when

    it asks  for the installation language and the keyboard layout.

    If you continue the installation here it will fail to choose the installation drive (GPT)...


    At this point you need to convert the SSD and/or HD to the MBR format:

    - press [SHIFT]+[F10] to open the command prompt

    - type: diskpart [enter]

    - type: list disk [enter] shows you the disk(s) of your system

    for every disk (0,1,..x)

    - type: select disk x [enter]

    - type: clean [enter] erases all data from the disk x

    - type: convert mbr [enter] converts the disk x to the MBR format

    after you converted all the disks to MBR you can close the command prompt and install Windows 7.


    On my system the Windows 7 installation was then completed without problems

    and I then installed the drivers from the Acer App/Driver Backup DVD..

  • NickacerNickacer Posts: 3Member
    Hello ben berg,
    I got an acer laptop V3-772G 747a model, which i bought it last week. I am pretty happy with the hardware but the windows 8 that the laptop came with is just useless.
    Anyway, i decide to downgrade it to windows 7 as i was happy using this version on my desktop. I try two days now to make just a simple format and it seems i try to hack nasa's computer.
    What i have done exactly:
    1. backing up driver.
    2. Enable F12 menu in bios
    3. Disable security mode by setting up password and delete it afterwards.
    4. Disable network boot.
    5. Setting first device the cd rom and second my usb stick
    6. Setting bios to Legacy .
    For each step i save and i reboot. When i do the last reboot, comes up the booting menu by pressing F 12 and when i choose to boot from the cd rom or from usb stick it comes the "no booting device massage"
    Any suggestions or recommendations on that???
    Thank u very much for time in advance !!!
  • Phil-3Phil-3 Posts: 1,182Member

    In order to avoid board clutter and confusion, we ask that you please refrain from cross and double posting.

    Please check here for responses to your inquiry. Thank you.


  • Phil-3Phil-3 Posts: 1,182Member

    I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this topic.


    This topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed.


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