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Need support for frozen A100 tablet

ScohiScohi Posts: 1Member

My a100 is apparently bricked.  Only boots to the "Acer" splash screen and then stalls.  All efforts to do a factory reset - paper clip, volume up/down, etc... are fruitless.  Need advise from Acer, however I cannot pursue further support because Acer will not start a support transaction without the snid# which I no longer have.  There is no sticker on the tablet with this info, and the packagings is not available.  This tablet is only 9 months old and under warranty .... it ran the ICS update a few months ago and has been fine until it just froze and refused to reboot.


  • tpaige0991tpaige0991 Posts: 98Member

    Did you happen to register the tablet when you got it?

  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member
    Accepted Answer


    On the side of the unit with volume controls (top or right side, depending), there is a port cover door.


    On the underside of the door should be a label with the SNID.



  • SueSue Posts: 2Member

    I also have a frozen A100 tablet since the last update, frozen nothing is working and of course the warranty has run out have had for about 18 months

  • headachejoeheadachejoe Posts: 4Member

    I've had a similar issue with my A500.  It is a refurb unit, running factory software (non-rooted)-- I think it was ICS.  Unfortunately, I have not had any luck recovering it, and mine is apparently out of warranty.


    Did you notice any behavior before it "bricked"?  I was trying to back out of a game that my son had started, and, once at the home screen, I started getting repeated program crash errors (i.e. Laucher has stopped working, wait/close, Agent Dash has stopped working, wait/close, etc).  I tried clicking "close" or "ok" (can't remember exactly what the question was), and it ended up running through a list of apps that had been opened at some point or another, while continuing to comeback to the Launcher has stopped working error.


    I have tried the hardward reset, and it apparently succeeds in Erasing User Data and Cache, but freezes on the ACER logo.  


    If I try to boot into recovery an load the update.zip from the SD Card.  It looks as if it is trying to update (upright Android bot with polygonal prism rotating in open chest, and blue update line below), then the screen flashes to a "dead Android bot" with a red exclamation point above his chest.


    It looks like USB bootloader mode works, but I don't have anything on my PC to try and utilize that.  Or, at least I'm not aware that I do.


    My hope is that, if you have had similar experience, then possibly, there is an issue with Acer's OS update (possibly due to poor memory management) that is causing corruption in the OS.  If so, maybe they would be willing to reflash the out-of-warranty units for free.


    I'm planning to start a new thread with the hopes that more attention is called to this, and possibly others have experienced similar.

  • SueSue Posts: 2Member

    I didn't notice anything except being a little slow but this seemed to happen after the lastes OS update, I went to go on the tablet, wouldn't come on, thought the battery was dead, charged it and all I would see would be the words ACER and nothing else, when I did the reboot (on/off and volume) I too got the first Android robot then would go to the dead Android robot, even had someone look at it for me (friend) and they could get no further then the dead robot, about now I'm thinking would be cheaper to by a new tablet

  • headachejoeheadachejoe Posts: 4Member

    You may be right about purchasing a new one.  It looks like Acer has some decent refurb'ed units on eBay.


    However, if you can find local Acer tech support, you may be able to get them to re-flash it (reload the Android operating system), and that may be much cheaper.  If that doesn't work, then, yes, it would probably be cheaper to buy a new one...

  • carlthomas2002carlthomas2002 Posts: 1Member

    I am suffering from the same problem and as the looks of it hundreds of other people on the net are suffering from this problem too. Apparently its a faulty EMMC memory chip. If this is a known issue, why has acer not recalled these units to fix them which is obviously a manufacture fault. I called Acer and they said they didn't know of this fault. They wanted £55 just to courier and book it in, then when they have diagnosed they will send me a proposal. Pfff that's going to cost nearly half the price of the tablet again........Not a happy customer! Smiley Mad

  • jdbeta76jdbeta76 Posts: 1Member

    Bought this Acer Iconia tablet A100 from best buy on 3/14/2013 had it for less then 24 hours and its frozen extremely unhappy!

    Stuck on the Acer logo screen hard reset does nothing truely angry I lost personal photos that i took while it was working.

    Now i read on this support site that this is a common problem and has happen to many people WHY ARE YOU SELLING A FAULTY PRODUCT do you want to lose customers for life this is unacceptible.

  • tamlrosstamlross Posts: 1Member
    I too have just suffered the same faith with my A100. It was working fine when i went back to use it, it don't respond to touch. After reading all these i see there is nothing i can do to fix it. That really sucks. Sounds like ACER needs to DO a RECALL. I really did like my tablet
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