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Recently purchased this laptop, and I absolutely love it. Great piece of technology. Except one thing. The bluetooth doesn't work properly. 

It was working fine when it was Windows 8, I could use it and all was right in the world. Then I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and all of a sudden it won't recognize that I have the hardware for it. There's no option anywhere to turn Bluetooth on. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers, and tried numerous other tricks that I've found online. But the problem remains that my OS won't detect that hardware in order to enable Bluetooth function. How can I fix this? Or do I have to reformat? (I also posted this on the Microsoft support site and they told me to come here)


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  • ScottyCScottyC Member Posts: 433 Practitioner

    Here's the link for if your bluetooth card is a Atheros model: HERE


    Here's the link for if your card is a Broadcom model: HERE


    Both of these are the updated drivers for Windows 8.1 found directly on the Acer site under the 8.1 OS downloads.


    Hope this helps!

    Good luck and take care,

  • XakeXake Member Posts: 4

    thanks for the reply, this was one of the fixes i attempted to do, multiple times unfortunately. I tried both drivers, even though my laptop is broadcom. neither driver fixed the issue. as of right now i'm just doing a full reformat and starting over from the beginning with what i know works. we'll see what happens.

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    That was what I was going to recommend next. In my opinion what's happening here is that Microsoft has launced a terrible OS, and it's terrible because they rushed through everything. And now to fix their terrible OS they released a patch, but because Microsoft is Microsoft they rushed through that too, so now the patch is causing more issues than the original OS. Some people end up with no working VGA drivers, some wireless cards stop working, and their solution is to blame the hardware manufacturer (broadcom, intel, maxtor, seagate, realtek, amd, toshiba, hitachi, etc...) rather than to admit that they've caused issues. The 8.1 update essentially reinstalls an entirely new system and removes the drivers you already have installed "they wouldn't be compatible anyway so why keep them?". There's just no winning. I'd say stick with Windows 8 until we're sure 8.1 is up to the task (probably when Windows 9 comes out). The one thing to keep in mind is that you really are looking at an OS issue so as much as we could be looking to Acer for answers, they're in the same boat we're in. Sorry for your bad experience but welcome to the World of Microsoft.

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    eh I'm familiar with Microsofts issues, but in past operating systems its been fairly easy to fill in the holes they leave behind in their OS. Windows 8 just seems to keep fighting me back -_-; I've completed the reformat and tried installing the windows 8 x64 drivers for the BT, but even that didn't work (although I did make a little headway, windows at least flat out TOLD me it couldn't find the bluetooth this time, before it was like a child with their fingers in their ears chanting "i'm not listening".

  • ScottyCScottyC Member Posts: 433 Practitioner

    I'm wondering if there is a software suite available for your wireless / bluetooth card. I know they can at times be co-dependant but I'm really surprised that it's still not working after a reinstall.

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    well it seems that no matter what i do, i'm doomed to not have an operating bluetooth on here. nothing seems to work.

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    Hi Xake,


    There are unusual Bluetooth problem in windows 8.1. In Windows 8.1 my Bluetooth mouse, keyboard and headphones were already paired but not able to connect. The blue tooth device connect my wireless Bluetooth devices for few Seconds and then disconnect and searching again and again.


    Solution: Bluetooth Not Working In Windows 8.1



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