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how can i change my graphic proccesor from cpu you to gpu?

Mr_GameMr_Game Posts: 1Member

hi friends

how do u do

after multiple registring finally i found here

i have a question about my  note book

couple of days ago i bouhgt acer aspire E1 572G note book

and i have a problem in my  dual graphic note book

how can i change my graphic proccesor from cpu you to gpu?

my graphic card is dear Ati Amd radeon HD 8750m

best regards




  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    You should be able to right click on your desktop, and select the option for Configure Switchable Graphics, then set your preferences.

  • Dave_E1-572GDave_E1-572G Posts: 5Member

    Hi, I have been trying for nearly a month now, to get my E1-572G to be able to play Blu Ray discs, with either Nero 2014 Platinum, or CyberLink Blu Ray suite which includes CyberLink BD Advisor. The problem appears to be that the Blu Ray menu cannot be opened. The video files can be played if navigated to with Explorer. I am using an LG BP40 USB Blu Ray drive which works quite satisfactorily on my Acer AX3950 i7 Desktop running Windows 7.  All the updates to windows and the two apps are up to date.


    I thought that your advice re how to open the graphics settings from right clicking the desktop may have been the eureka moment, however, apart from BD Advisor now passing the Intel graphics driver which appeared to be the problem before, still cannot open Blu Ray. A bit more trial and error might be needed.


    However, thanks for the tip re finding the settings from the desktop - I could not find anything in Control Panel and was getting rather browned off.


    All the best,



  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    Do regular DVDs play? Not sure what the problem could be, but it sounds like a software or codec problem. Have you tried downloading VLC or other software to see if it will play the files?

  • Dave_E1-572GDave_E1-572G Posts: 5Member

    Hi, Yes, I can play DVD's on three apps; Nero, CyberLink and Media Player Classic.


    The Blu Ray disc menu seems to be the problem. After fiddling with the settings of the graphics, the CyberLink app now progresses to around 40% of the "Loading Blu Ray disc info" dialogue before failing, whereas before it would fail almost straighr away with no "loading" dialogue. This happens from both the Blu Ray drive, and Blu Ray folders on the HDD.


    One thing that I have noticed is that the drivers on the Acer Drivers and updates page for the E1-572G, Windows 8.1 each have a Revision number, and a Date. The Intel VGA Driver is Rev on my PC! and on the site, however, the date on the PC is D/M/Y 15/11/2013, but on the site is Y/M/D 2013/12/19. Would the Revision number be a more accurate way of telling the newest version? because the AMD  and Intel Management Engine interface drivers are a higher rev on my machine than on the site; ie & respectively.


    I have had a look at the VLC site, might give it a go after making a good backup first.

    Would appreciate any more thoughts, Thanking you, Dave.

  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    Yes. The revision number is the best way to tell. The date on the site, is the date the driver was posted for download, which may be later than what is on the computer.


    Did your computer ship with Windows 7 from the factory, or have you loaded your own copy of Windows 7. I think if you load VLC and try to play the media, and the files still won't play, you may have a hardware problem. Make sure you try several types of Blu-Rays because I have seen instances where new formats may have special features that can cause problem in media players.


    To determine if it is hardware for sure, you would need to reload your OS, and try playing the blu-ray before installing any software or programs.

  • Dave_E1-572GDave_E1-572G Posts: 5Member

    Hi, Thanks for your advice re the revision number.


    The machine came with Windows 8 installed, and there was a large Windows Update, KB2919355, which I think took Windows to 8.1. There were quite a few new updates after that, and as of last night, there were no more updates available. However, System Info shows Windows as 8.1 now. (It was my i7 Desktop that has Win 7).


    After so many updates to Windows, and to the other user-installed apps, I want to make sure that I can restore to my current software status, before returning to factory supplied version. I have made several "Drive Backups" using the factory installed Nero 12 BackItUp app, and have made the associated ISO Bootable CD, but am a bit reluctant to take the plunge, just in case I cannot make a good return to the current status.


    From what I can ascertain, there was no app on the machine capable of playing Blu Rays as supplied from the factory.


    I have not removed any of the factory apps yet.

    It is beginning to look like I may have to wait until a few more users strike the same problem. The bloke who sold me this model said it was a new model, and pointed out that it had a good graphics spec. Perhaps the problems I am having will be sorted when more people bring it to Acer's attention.


    All the best, Dave.

  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    It seems everything is up to date on your end, so I'm not really sure why it won't play. Are you absolutely sure that system has a Blu-Ray drive? Some models we ship only have DVD/CDROM drives. You can look on the drive itself and it should say Blu-Ray if it will play them. Also, the blu-Ray uses a different laser than regular DVD, so it could also be possible the drive has failed. Unfortunately, without completely restoring the system, there are too many variables to troubleshoot via this forum. Maybe someone else will have some suggestions.

  • siliziumsilizium Posts: 239Member

    He wrote that he is using a USB Blu-Ray drive (LG BP40 USB Blu Ray drive)....

  • Dave_E1-572GDave_E1-572G Posts: 5Member

    Hi,  I have restored my machine to factory software issue, and noted the following; The machine was at Windows 8.1, not Win 8 as initally thought, There was no clear fi application or folders on the machine. The machine was then restored to the software version current before the factory restore; ie - with Nero 2014 Platinum and Cyberlink Blu Ray suite being the main applications, along with Open Office, and Adobe Reader. The restoration was made using a backup made with the factory supplied Nero 12 BackItUp app, along with the associated dowloaded ISO file for Nero BackItUp Image Tool on a bootable CD.


    I made various changes to the graphics settings for both the Intel and AMD graphics. I did get the Cyberlink BD Advisor app to pass the Intel Driver, but only (from memory) when the Intel VGA was disabled from Control Panel. The settings for how various apps use the graphics are shown as "Locked" for all items in the Cyberlink Blu Ray Suite. Among the various combinations of settings, I did get the Cyberlink app to show a "Loading Blu Ray Disk" progress bar which ran to around 40% before failing, whereas before, it failed before opening the "Loading" dialogue.


    I am awaiting a call from Acer Support since last Thursday, so maybe I will be able to glean some more pointers on how to get things sorted.


    All the best,



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