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WiFi Problems on Aspire V3-571g



I'm from Norway and i just bought my Acer Aspire V3-571g. I've had it for 6 days now, and the internet problems started on the secon day, when i used Acer Live Updater, after that my internet started becoming limited, and this is the only PC in our family with this problem. I installed the new driver from the Acer driver site, and i als turned the "Turn off wireless to save battery" option. I also tweaked the battery to use maximum capacity for the netwrok adapter. 

All of this helped just a tiny bit, now i dont disconnect so often, but i still do. I can overlook the flaws with the touchpad, because this is a very good PC for a nice price. But it's impossible to do anything when you can't use wireless, and my LAN cables doesn't reach to my room. I tried using a USB adapter, this worked. So i have a temporarily fix. 


  • will1818will1818 Posts: 1Member

    ok i seem to have a similar problem in trhat sall my other laptops work fine but this adapter keeps failing, we should not have to use a usb workaround the adapter should work but it keeps failing.





  • PuzzledSparkPuzzledSpark Posts: 3Member

    I have a similar problem on my M5 laptop. I read somewhere that my line of Acer laptops uses a poor quality wifi card, although it is possible to replace it (not that I should have to).


  • ExscaliburExscalibur Posts: 27Member
    Indeed, but as many other forum Users Have Stated: It may be the drivers.... But yea, i Paid 7100 kr, wich is equivelent to 1000 euro, so i would love a better customer support
  • EtacEtac Posts: 1Member

    Hello guys


    I have the same problem. I have a WIFI connection with 40mb/s down and 5mb/s up. But i can not use all of this presius internet. Because i seem to be limited to about 0.8mb/s download. No limit on the upload.

    If i connect a LAN cable I can bennefit from allmost 40mb/s. 

    I have tried to test the WIFI connection in my house. Both my iPhone and my brothers labtop has full wirreles connection, where my labtop only have 0.6mb/s. 

    Now here comes a stranger part; sometimes the block seems to drop and i get full WIFI speed. Then suddenly again, 0.6mb/s. 

    My wireless adapter is "Broadcom 802.11n" with the driver installed. 



    Acer Axpire v3-571g



    Windows 8.1 pro (upgraded from windows 7)

  • GGsAcerGGsAcer Posts: 19Member

    Perform a clean install instead of a Store Upgrade, then install the lastest drivers from the Acer Website; make sure to select the right operating system.


    Hope that helps, did for me.

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