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I can't turn wifi on in windows a and I have the driver for my adapter.

I have had to install my WiFi drivers 4 times and they only work for a limited time then won't let me turn my wifi on. I am running windows 8 and when I go to turn WiFi on the button is greyed out and won't let me do anything... Not a happy camper because most of my work is done on the road


  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member

    Without knowing specifically which system you have, it would be difficult to advise a path for resolution.


    I might suggest attempting to reset defaults in BIOS and making sure you have the latest Wireless LAN drivers.


    Drivers for our systems are available on our regional Driver Download pages.
    US Site: /en/home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fus.acer.com%2Fac%2Fen%2FUS%2Fcontent%2Fdrivers" class="Popup



  • jmcd1970jmcd1970 Posts: 4Member

    I have the same problem with a fairly new Acer V3-551 with factory installed Windows 8. Started yesterday too. Fn + F3 only turns airplane mode on and off but does not turn on wifi. Tried uninstalling wifi drivers and reinstalling. Tried refreshing windows. No luck

  • talhatalha Posts: 4Member

    i have acer aspire v3-551-8469 A-8 proceesor, 4gb ram factory installed windows 8...i have the same issue..i updated the latest bios from acer webisite. i even updated the qualcomm atheros driver 10.0.0217v3 as on the driver's list but my wifi still keeps on discoonecting after 5 minutes and sometimes more frequent. i am so annoyed with this...this problem is widespread..when will acer come out with a solution??

  • jmcd1970jmcd1970 Posts: 4Member
    Hi Talha: I ended up sending it to Acer for warrantee work. They indicated that they had to replace the hard drive. Cost me shipping in one diction to Texas but works fine now. Windows needed re-registering when I got it back because of the hardware change.
  • talhatalha Posts: 4Member

    o lord...what about all the data that i have on the system.... could u please explain me the process??

  • jmcd1970jmcd1970 Posts: 4Member

    My computer came back with Windows reinstalled. If yours for some reason also needs a new hard drive expect to have to reload all your data and reinstall programs. I was fortunate that my computer was only a month old so there was not much on it. I think they also re-installed my BIOS so possibly this was the fix for my wifi and it was only a coincidence that the hard drive had bad sectors but not sure.


    Regardless, backing up your data is a good idea before sending for warrently. The easiest way to do this is to backup to an external USB hard drive. If you don't have much data you might be able to back up to a USB flash drive. I was fortunate that I have a second computer and set up network sharing and moved my files to the other computer but this is not nessessarily easy to set up.


    I am not sure how to initiate the warrently now as they change the process during my return. I was initially dealing with online tech support and this option went away by the time I got my computer back. I need to find out what my Windows software key in order to re-register Windows and since mine did not come with original disks I was wondering how to find my key. I ended up figuring it out on my own as online tech support was not longer availible.


    Good luck.



  • jmcd1970jmcd1970 Posts: 4Member

    I just re-read your earlier post. I could not turn on my wifi at all not just dissonecting wifi. You might have another problem. I also have dissconnecting wifi issues on my two computers and mobile devices. The problem is likely a failing internet modem, wireless interference, or noisy telephone line. So I had two differenct problems. Never figured out the disscontecting wifi. Sometimes I am good for a few days without dissconnect, sometimes it dissconects every 5 minutes. Eventually I will need to get my internet provider tech out to check the telephone line and modem.

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