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beeping sound on start up - start up repair

ithompson3ithompson3 Posts: 4Member

aspire 5250 - beeping seem continious - so I pull out the plug and the battery 

put the battery back in 


usually (this trouble has been going on a while and it's not always the exact same sequence of events)

it would then just start up after pushing the start button 


sometimes it will ask what OS which there is only one Windows 7 


now as of late it wants to run the windows startup fixer 

which so far has worked and it does start the computer /windows 7 


I suspect - start up sector problem on the disk, CMOS batt dead? (Where can I get one can't find one for sale so far)

or Bios problem corruption etc ... 

any tools or steps to test any of these theories ?!?!


  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member

    There's not enough information to be able to ascertain what the problem is.

    I sincerely doubt that it is a BIOS or CMOS issue.


    What is on the screen when it is beeping?

    Does it continue to boot?

    Can you boot on AC only?  Does it beep?

  • ithompson3ithompson3 Posts: 4Member

    noting on the screen - the beeping seems to be continious 


    I have never let it just go on and on - I pull the plug and take out the batt 

    and try again - at first this usualy led to a boot 

    but latley it has not worked as reliably to get it to boot 


    The battery seems good - beeping on ac or battery 


    the really odd thing is that it's not the same each time. 


    I have done a few resumes over the last few days without a problem 

    but have not tried a shut down and reboot as I am concered that 

    it may not start again. 

    looking to make a mirror image of the drive as a back up in case...

    It is helpful to elimnate the BIOS and CMOS at this time..

    I saw the beep codes posted but this beep seems to be continious - next that i try it I will make a video - what I think is continious may be a coded beeping that I am not cluing into... 

  • ithompson3ithompson3 Posts: 4Member

    could this type of beeping and startup problem be caused by keyboard error? like stuck key or something?


    that is the only other thing I can think of that is going on with this computer that is a problem some time when I type I 6get  <<== like that! a 6 while I 6am not touching the 6 keys at all and some times it goes 6666666666666666666


    just an thought 

  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member

    It certainly could be related to the keyboard.  Especially if it continues on both AC and battery power.


    We would suggest contacting technical support in your region for further assistance with this issue.
    Acer Service and Support

  • ithompson3ithompson3 Posts: 4Member

    the more I have been thinking about it and having problems with the keyboard the more I am inclined to think replacing the keyboard may be something to try


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