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Aspire Z5610 desktop all in one

OldPeteOldPete Posts: 2Member

bought this PC Jan 2010, and had no problems to just recently, when the whole system 'freezes'.  Nothing works, cannot get a response from the kbd or muse, and can only force power off on the button.

This happans randomly, but it seems after having it happen many times, that if I am doing something like watchign TV, or copying a disk, or uploading a cd to Itunes, this will cause it to freeze. Especially witgh copying many cd's, after maybe one or tow, if I then press the eject button, instant lock up. If I try again, and eject via software ( windows explorer ) it will run a bit longer. This seems to be pwoer related. COuld there be aa laod sensitive failurre here? If so do I need a new power suply unit or is there something on the mother board I cannot change? I should say, when the lock up occrus, the display satys as is, background wall paper etc all saty on screen, just mouse will not move the pointer and kbd has no response. When power up, it comes on with balck screen, and F8 will not function. IF I power off and switch of the unit from the wall power socket as well, when it starts it goes to windows select normal or safe mode screen.

Any ideas?


  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

    It is possible that this is completely software related.  In order to avoid swapping hardware, we normally suggest that you eliminate any possible software issue by restoring the system to factory defaults with eRecovery.


    Please review this article:
    Reloading your Acer Computer


    If you continue to have issues with locking up after restoring the system, you could be looking at a hardware issue.

    It would be difficult to pinpoint the issue from the forum.

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