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    marctaillefer wrote:

    yes i am searching for my acer aspire e17 windows 8.1 product key i need it to reinstall windows eight in my laptop

    The product key is stored in the registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DigitalProductId, but it is encrypted and unreable. Since Windows 8, the product key is also embeded into UEFI firmware. 

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    Formatting your hard drive will not cause you lost Windows 8 product key any longer, and you can still grab your product key even after reinstalling Windows.

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     The Windows 8 product key can be used to solve a king of Windows system problem , such as we can learn how to recover Windows 8 password

  • JosephunlimitedJosephunlimited Member Posts: 1
    Hi sir it is me Joseph. Sir please I need my current product key because I went to reinstalled it. Acer ES1-431-P3M9
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    If you are re-installing an original Acer machine (it works on my HP laptop also) you will want to try and use any inbuilt recovery area, with the warning that it may delete all your data in the process.  When the re-install is finshed a key will be obtained automagically, you don't need to do anything.


    If you want an .iso (a compressed file in a particular format) that can be expanded to a DVD or USB medium, then they are available from Microsoft.  BUT they do not contain drivers that are specific to your machine, so a knowledge of where the Acer drivers are on the internet ( / support and your model numer / type) will be beneficial.


    To find out about your machine and it's hardware and software there are 4 programs that a good search engine should find.


    Piriform Speccy

    Belarc Adviser

    Magic Jelly Bean

    Key Finder Installer


    and screen print, print out or just write down anything relevant.


    Microsoft do a creator tool, and there is Rufus to make the media.


    I believe that all the above answers are excellent, and I am not typing anything new, just re-wording the comprehensive coverage.


    If in doubt please ask.

  • Abhi0306Abhi0306 Member Posts: 3 New User
    Sir  acer aspire v3-571 my lap   my os is clash  how can get my poduct key
  • ajinachankunjuajinachankunju Member Posts: 1 New User
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    please give me a new product key of aspire E 15 E5-573-38GH
  • AllanahAllanah Member Posts: 2 New User
    Where is the product key located ?
  • markandamarkanda Member Posts: 1 New User
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    My Aspire M5-481PT recently crashed and registry deleted. Product ID is no longer in registry. Can you provide product ID for Windows 8? SNID is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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