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Acer Aspire s7 392 - Baclit Keyboard

jamesjacobs79jamesjacobs79 Posts: 1Member



I was wondering if there is anyway to turn the default setting on the backlit keyboard to off, and just toggle it on with fn u+i. 


It can be annoying reading the keys in certain light situations.




  • RichieRRichieR Posts: 7Member

    I'm hoping the same thing. I can't see the keys with the backlight on because the screen is so bright.


    Right now  as I type, I can see the keys while the keys backlight is off, but as I raise it, I have to cup my hands around them to see the keys.


    Please excuse the double spaces in this as the keyboard double spaces randomly.

  • AspireS7392AspireS7392 Posts: 7Member

    This seems to be a design flaw... I find the same problem when the lighting is fading around late afternoon and early evening. If I try to increase the backlight, it never gets bright enough and the letters wash out on the keyboard. I am not proficient in QWERTY typing so I struggle. When I decrease the backlight, I can't see the letters. My solution as a work -around is old school. I get up and turn on a light or tilt my screen so the keys are illuminated. Seems silly to have to do this. None of my other laptops with backlight had this problem... Recommend Acer study this and not continue this design in the future...



  • aresstoaressto Posts: 6Member

    90% of clients was freaked out by the 391 baclit and they done same thing in 392 model


    seems like they dont even read reviews or forum

  • wuntunzeewuntunzee Posts: 4Member



    This seems sort of appropriate, do any of you find your keyboard emits quite a loud bzzzz kind of noise? You can hear it most when the backlight is at full, and it's loud enough to be off putting when reading at night in bed.


    I saw another post that said the 391 had this issue as a known flaw, but I would like to know what other 392 owners have encountered.


    Acer have said send the laptop in for £15.50 to have an engineer look at it, but I don't want to waste the time and money if it's just the type of backlight that does it.


    This is where it says it's just a design prob - /en/home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Facer--uk.custhelp.com%2Fapp%2Fanswers%2Fdetail%2Fa_id%2F28479" class="Popup


    Thanks for any help.

  • frankbrusfrankbrus Posts: 1Member

    Is there any way to switch on the backlight permanently?  The keys are ridiculously hard to see!

  • Ahitoro33Ahitoro33 Posts: 1Member

    I am also very interested in a way to set backlight off by default, perhaps in BIOS or some registry bit...  In normal lighting it makes the key labels very difficult to distinguish so I'm always manually turning it off.  Maybe some clever person can trace the manual backlight off function to derive a hack to start it at zero?

  • celezaceleza Posts: 4Member

    I have the same problem that all you guys. After a few win 8.1 updates, i completelly lost control of the light. Now it does not respond at all and sometimes it turns on, but most of the time, it does not work.


    This is the second machine that presents the same problem... First one I take to the Microsoft Store (where i bought) and the tech guy realize that my first one seems to had hardware issues. They changed the machine for another brand new but the problem still there...


    Its a good machine, but for sure had a lot of software and hardware issues... I was expecting more for U$ 1,6k...  Smiley Sad

  • medaviesmedavies Posts: 1Member

    I am chucking mine out before I go completely blind - utterly ridiculous design and a complete waste of good money. I thought I had bought  a dud but clearly everyone else is having the same problem. At 62 years old and with chronic pain I dont have time to fiddle with settings and my 28 year old son can't improve it either and he understands these things and showed me this forum. Never buying an Acer product again and will be advising all my 1000's of clients likewise. Untrustworthy trash. Should have been a product recall - shame on you ACER - have you no pride in your name and products? Angry beyond words 

  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Posts: 1,440Member

    Hi All,


    There is no option to completely disable the backlit keyboard, but you can adjust it, including turning it off, with FN+U or FN+I.


    Hope this helps.

  • celezaceleza Posts: 4Member
    Dear friend Cory,

    Tks for finally Acer officialy respond to us here. Unfortunally, we all users know those shortcuts but the machine respond sometimes only when is dark. w

    What we need is a ON/OFF switch for backlight. Is that so hard/impossible for Acer to do it?

    Tks in advance.

    MM - Brasil
  • wuntunzeewuntunzee Posts: 4Member

    Hi Cory,


    Thanks for replying, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but this thread's gone unanswered for months, so apologies if I seem bitter.


    I think a lot of us would agree with celeza, it's not satisfactory to spend £1500 on a machine, and press an FN shortcut every time you start up or wake up from sleep / hibernation. 


    Please escalate this to someone who can help.


    You saw the 65 year old guy's outrage, please provide some nominal aftercare.


    Thank you.

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