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Unable to get Windows 8.1 update on my new aspire v5 and keep the machine working.

AMinVTAMinVT Posts: 3Member

I bought the aspire V5-573PG-9610 last week and tried installing Windows 8.1 (it comes with Windows 8). Getting 8.1 into the store, etc., was a major ordeal. When I got it into the store, the 8.1 upload always failed. From reading online, I learned I had to uninstall the intel drivers before 8.1 could load. Finally got it loaded, and then started to reinstall the intel drivers, and update all the other drivers. But then the keyboard stopped communicating with the computer and only the touchscreen worked. I used the "chat" discussion from Acer seeking help, and in the end the technician advised that I just reinstall windows 8 because he thought some other driver had been corrupted through the upgrade. (Please know I don't understand what I am actually talking about). So I am back to windows 8. Should I hold off a month, hope for upgrades to all the drivers, and then try reinstalling? Or, does anyone have tips on how to do this now? Thanks in advance for the advice.


  • GGsAcerGGsAcer Posts: 19Member

    You need to grab all the drivers from the acer website for your laptop/computer and perform a clean install.


    That upgrade via Store is absolute crap and until MS provides a better alternative, I say stick with Windows 8 unless that is, you can perform a clean install.

    I know, this doesn't really help because I can't show you how to perform a clean install but you should back up all your files and research, practice until you are familar with it. It will be good if you have a spare computer lying around to use while you fine tune your clean installation skills.

  • finluxfinlux Posts: 1,834ACE Pioneer

    Hi AMinVT!


    You're probably aware that there are a lot of compatibility issues with Windows 8.1, see this article for more information. I would definitely recommend staying with 8.0 for now, until some of the issues can be ironed out!



  • AMinVTAMinVT Posts: 3Member

    Thank you. I will stick with 8 for now. It has been working great.

  • tofubeantofubean Posts: 3Member

    I have the exact same laptop as you. I had problems installing windows 8.1, error this and that... until i uninstalled nvidia and intel graphics drivers. After that the update is a breeze. There's not much difference between 8 and 8.1 though. But able to boot immediately to desktop is good.

  • AMinVTAMinVT Posts: 3Member

    Tofubean, did you then have to go and reinstall the intel drivers? sorry if this seems like a dumb question

  • cptcrackerscptcrackers Posts: 1Member

    tofubean wrote:

    I have the exact same laptop as you. I had problems installing windows 8.1, error this and that... until I uninstalled nvidia and intel graphics drivers. After that the update is a breeze. There's not much difference between 8 and 8.1 though. But able to boot immediately to desktop is good.

    I had a LOT of troublke actually getting the intel and nvidia drivers to go away.


    I kept thinking they were gone only to find them in there again magically or still getting the bluescreen during the update and then finding them there again after the roll back. At one point, I even did a factory rollback just to see if ti helped. 


    After 5 or six (HOURS LONG) tries over serveral days, I finally got it to update to 8.1. 


    I then proceeded to install the various drivers from the acer support site. 


    Here are the issues I have after FINALLY getting the update in and installing, and repeatedly reinstalling, updating, removing, reinstalling, drivers etc (lots of removing and reinstalling):


    1. The Fn-F3 button no longer controls wifi. (I have uninstalled, romved, reinstalled, installed "just drivers" etc for the atheros components and nothing fixes this)

    2. The Intel control panel crashes as soon as you try to open it. THE only version of the intel driver that you can install is the one from ACER, and I suspect it's still the wrong, old one. It doesn't seem to work right. For a long time I couldn't get the driver to install the "HD Audio component of the intel driver". I was able to force install that driver, but I'm not sure it works right. 

    3. In IE11 and some "Metro" apps (like Amazon), there is visual tearing in images. For exam[ple many images in ie11 are distorted or are missing sections of the image in the shape of an x. In the amazon app, the logo and other items are cut up and nonsensical.

    4. The atheros Bluetooth component leaves several "unknown deviices" in device manager. I believe these are phantom devices for BT connection profiles, and I used that guess to "force" install dirvers for them. Not convinced they are right still.

    5. Testing the nvidia card in "FurMark" yields a whopping 7FPS. What is the point of a discreet GPA if it isn't going to do better than 7fps in a 3D test? (I did NOT think to test this in Windows 8. I am currently using a newer driver than the acer one, but it make sno difference.)

    6. Many Acer apps (even after reinstalling) crash as soon as you open them: live updater, power management, recovery management, usb charge manager, usb charge manager. 


    There are a variety of errors and warnings in the even logs related to bluetooth. 


    Can you confirm to that you were able to install 8.1 an DON'T have these or other similar issues? 


    I had almost given up on getting it to update and was ready to ship it back, but your post encouraged me to keep trying. I am tempted to roll back to factory and try AGAIN, but don't want to waste my time if you found later that you had a lot of issues with 8.1 after all.











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