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USB Recovery on a C720

Hello.  I've spent all day trying to create a USB recovery image on a flash drive without success.  The drives are formatted properly (FAT32) and typing chrome://imageburner and pressing the ENTER key gets everything going.  Only it just keeps going for ever.  However, nothing is ever copied onto the flash drive.  I've tried different flash drives and also an SD card without success.  I can't use the more traditional route because my operating system version isn't listed!  I'd welcome any thoughts please.  Thanks.


  • BabsubinBabsubin Posts: 30Member



    Please try the following steps from a different Windows computer.


    Create USB flash drive on a Windows PC

    1. Insert a 4GB or larger USB flash drive into the Windows PC. All data will be erased from this flash drive so be sure to remove any important files.

    2. Download the Chrome OS Recovery Tool from Google:


    3. In the File Download dialog box, click Run.

    4. If prompted with a security warning, click Run.

    5. In the Create Chrome OS Recovery Media dialog box, begin typing the name of the Chrome device. Type Parrot and a list of names will begin to automatically populate. Select the corresponding model name that you found in step 2 of the "Find model number of your Chromebook" section above and then click Next.

    6. In the Create Chrome OS Recovery Media dialog box, select your USB flash drive and then click Next.

    Note: If your flash drive is less than 4GB you will not be able to select Next.

    7. When prompted that all files will be erased, click OK

    8. The Chrome OS image is downloaded.

    9. The Chrome OS image is written to the USB flash drive

    10. In the Create Chrome OS Recovery Media dialog box, click Finish.

    Reinstall Chrome OS using a USB Flash Drive

    1. Press and hold the esc key and refresh (F3) key and then press the power key to turn on the Chromebook.

    2. The Chromebook will boot to Developer Mode. Insert the USB flash drive.

    11. The integrity of the recovery media is verified. This process takes about 4 minutes.

    12. The system is recovered from the USB flash drive. This process takes about 4 minutes.

    13. Once system recovery is complete, unplug the USB flash drive.

    14. The Chromebook restarts automatically.

    15. The "Welcome!" screen will be displayed and you can complete the OOBE.



    Thanks and regards


  • scratchworthscratchworth Posts: 2Member
    Thanks for a prompt response but I've tried that. My problem appears to be that my model number is not yet on the drop down list. Is that likely?
  • BabsubinBabsubin Posts: 30Member




        It is a brand new model computer. So please try model AC710 and check the status.




  • SkerdiSkerdi Posts: 1Member



    I have acer c720 and i upgrade the bios and installed windows 7.

    How to recovery back to Chrome OS. PLS Help

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