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ACER C720: the ridiculous battery...

It seems (for now I use the time conditional) that the battery of C720 'solderedbook' either alone, miserable, ridiculous, 3950 mAh. If this news is true and confirmed, we would be discussing a battery that barely would be fine for a tablet 7 ", certainly not for a screen of 11.6 inches.
My Samsung NC10 netbook with Atom 270, year 2009 (!), Has a 5200 mAh battery!
As a battery would last like that?


  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Posts: 1,442Member, VIP

    There have been a lot of advancements in battery technology. According to specs you are correct, the NC10, had a 5200 mAh battery. I do not know what that translated to in terms of battery life. Lets take a look at the Acer Chromebooks;


    AC700 - Our first Chromebook had a 6 cell 4400mAh rated for 6 hours

    C710 - 2nd Chromebook had a 6 cell 5000mAh rated for 7 hours

    C720 - Current Chromebook has a 3 cell polymer battery at 3950mAh rated for 8.5 hours.


    So the C720's battery is improving on performance while reducing its footprint and the weight of the machine.


    Hope this helps,

  • Hello Cory,
    we would all have preferred an improvement that leaves no doubt ... a beautiful excess of 5000 mAh battery, able to stand with dignity, every kind of work and with any operating system.
    If it is believed that only means to improve something better than the previous model Smiley Happy  Smiley Happy, then that's fine ... end of reports! Smiley Happy  Smiley Happy  Smiley Happy

    Would not it be more correct to compare homogeneous?
    Same operating system and battery life! If we mix Windows, Linux, and Chrome, we will have results ranging from very different and not be comparable in any way.


    Ah ... a curiosity: there are notebooks with 11.6-inch screen that mount on board battery 3950 mAh or even less capable of?



  • Please, a guy with a 32GB model, could be install windows 8 and tell us how long works the device... in minutes?  Smiley Happy

  • ualiuali Posts: 17Member


    I have been using the ACER C720 for a while now, it's battery life is amazing!!! I think I get 8 full hours!!!

    You my friend, need to back off with pointless questions.


    The battery is a 3-Cell Polymer 3950MAH and gets to 8 hours confirmed. Your old 'bad-excuse' for a laptop Samsung NC10 had a 5000mah battery and just about got to 8 hours.


    Acer-Cory has already explained, battery technology has improved over the years and the fact that the Acer C720 comes with a Haswell processor (which are very power efficent), there remains no need for a 5000mah battery.

    It would make the laptop clunky and ugly.


    And why would we need to run Windows to run on the laptop to show battery tests to us, when we already know Chrome OS is more power efficent as it is only a browser in a box?


    The Moto is my friend - Think before you Type.


    You could have asked a better question, like, why do American C720's get 4GB RAM and European C720's get 2GB RAM? Why do we get less?

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