Acer Aspire S7-191 Bluetooth Spikes and WIFI disconnect when USB port active

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Where it happpens: Right-side USB port (MicroSD slot that side) with PEN-DRIVE plugged in


How it happens:

- My Rapoo BT mouse connection is disturbed result in unstable cursor movment, and WIFI not able to connect to my wireless access point(TP LINK 50A75B portable multipurpose access point)


- Only Acer BT mouse able to work so far


- When I turned off PEN-DRIVE by Safely remove device(not even pulled out the pendrive), WIFI can be connected again to my wireless network.


Summary of the issue: USB port active, WIFI and BT fail; USB device safely removed, WIFI and BT back to normal.




Attempted solution for failed:


1. remove existing BT and WIFI drivers and installl the latest downloaded from Acer Support


2. This is not my first S7-191 having this problem, I asked one-to-one exchange from the Technical dept, but this new one is giving me same problem, so its either mainboard defects in massive no. or simply the driver issues.



Other things to take note:


1. The included Acer BT mouse with my first S7, is faulty physically(not able to do left-click consistently), but the 2nd S7 Acer BT mouse is working normally.


2. Not sure whether other acer software are conflicting with Win8, but I am prepare to wipe the ultrabook clean with Win7 64 bit with downloaded driver.




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    I also had a bad mouse, left click was faulty, it seem depressed and had a hard time clicking properly.


    My Next 191 Replacement had a touch pad issue, Top Left and Bottom right were flush with the laptop keyboard surface and the opposite sides are deeply sunken. They failed to click. Another issue I noticed was that with some faulty touch pads, if it gets cold, about 0 degrees celcius (freezing point of water) the touchpad will not click until it is warmed about. Very strange and had to return another s7 191 for that reason, the current s7 191 (3rd) is now working perfectly.


    I just wanted to add I did not experience the bt issue u are having although my mouse fails to connect back to the laptop after a few min of not being moved. very annoying. will try another bt mouse i have to see if its the acer mouse or my laptop.

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    I found this on the Amazon website.

    By AlPaca



    What WAS nearly a dealbreaker was the flaky wifi issue that showed up early on. Wifi would disconnect from sleep and would indicate it was connected but websites wouldn't load. After reboots would temporarily fix the problem it'd show up again upon wakeup from sleep or have erratic connections after a few minutes (wifi would show as connected but "limited"). After scouring the internet for solutions, I read about a setting for the Atheros wireless (always on, don't allow computer to disconnect from sleep) and a power setting for wireless (placed on maximum while on battery and while plugged) and I haven't had the flaky wireless issues since (crossing my fingers


    Battery life doesn't seem to have taken that much of a hit in this new setting.

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