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Iconia Tablets - Android 4.4 KitKat

Steve10Steve10 Posts: 1Member

Anyone know if the current Acer Iconia tablets i.e the A1-810, B1-710 & A3-A10 are likely to recieve the Android 4.4 KitKat update?


Not sure of Acer's past record for updating thier tablets software to major Android releases but given specs of the tablets above they certainly could handle the update.


Heard the A3-A10 might, unsure of the others.


  • viskondeviskonde Posts: 3Member

    good question..

    I hope to see it.. at least some of those tablets (E.g., the A1 810) have never seen an update and are 8 months old..


    I hope that ACER does at least one update before "forget" them... otherwhise this would be my first and last device from acer Smiley Sad

  • DannyKDannyK Posts: 7Member

    On Andriod page is infrmation, that Acer will not release new Android to "older" tablets. New Adroid 4.4 will be available only for Acer Tablets which will be released in 2014. This means one thing. Good bye Acer, next device will be Nexus or Samsung.

  • viskondeviskonde Posts: 3Member

    where did you read that?

    thats just disapointing... but actually, I expected it when I bought it.


    these **bleep**ty brands are terrible in terms of customer support.

    I dont know how they intend to gain market share like this. No one who buys one product wants to buy another.


    I only bought my Acer for the 8" screen and to "support" the brand that seemed wiling to gain some new costumers.

    Otherwise I would have gone with the Nexus 7 all the way..

    next time, I already know.. Nexus or iPad. remainig brands are pure bull**bleep**.


    Bye Acer!



  • johncanfieldjohncanfield Posts: 2Member

    I was amazed that my A500 was not a candidate for future upgrades apparently due to hardware limitations. Some have hacked the A500 to go beyond 4.0 but you lose some functionality - details in Android forums.


    This summer I bought a Nexus 7 and it's already running 4.4.2 KitKat as is my Nexus 4 phone Smiley Happy

  • inuya5hainuya5ha Posts: 31Member

    Acer Iconia B1 was released earlier this year (2013) and shipped with the obsolete Android 4.1.


    Had I known in advance that Acer would leave all their tablet customers stuck with Android 4.1 I'd have stayed as far as possible from Acer tablets. No wonder why all these devices ended here in LATAM countries with cheap prices, no other country accepted them because they knew they were obsolete the second they left the factory.


    [sarcasm]Great news to see that Acer won't release ANY updates whatsoever to a device manufactured this year and still announced in their tablets home page today. I'll always be a happy and loyal ACER customer and recommend their tablets to all my friends and family without doubt.[/sarcasm]

  • roadwarrior796roadwarrior796 Posts: 273Member

    Am surprised at this news, delighted, but surprised, fingers crossed !

  • billseybillsey Posts: 3,788ACE Pathfinder

    Sounds like someone reads the forums after all! Man Happy Now, if they'd just do it for my ancient A100... Man Wink

  • Bad_bBad_b Posts: 1Member

    Any news about the 4.4 update for the A3-A10? Robot Happy

  • rubenstormrubenstorm Posts: 1Member

    The Iconia B1-720 i hear should get an upgrade or have it.... so iam looking since 2 days for it, but where to find it?


    Where i bought my Iconia they wrote on the ads "Upgrade to Android 4.4 possible"


    Take a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiobGk7GvJU

  • mycasa2000mycasa2000 Posts: 1Member

    So are we getting the Android 4.4 KitKat my samsung S4 is updating now. I have a Acer A1-810 was next for this tablet!!! any clue out there

  • kjlzekjlze Posts: 2Member

    I'm waiting for this update too for my Iconia A1 810.

    Thanks you Acer for this update !

  • danyroluxdanyrolux Posts: 3Member

    Acer A1-810 tablet will receive soon these days the KitKat OTA Update --> http://chinagadgetsreviews.blogspot.ro/2014/07/acer-a1-810-tablet-will-receive-soon.html

    Thank you Acer!

  • kjlzekjlze Posts: 2Member

    That's really good news !

    You know what, I'm happy with my Acer A1-810 !

    I had troubles with it, the display backlight was verry weak. But for my luck, it was a month before the end of the warranty. I declared the trouble on the Acer website and in less than one week, my device was repaired and back to home.

    So I guess, my next device will surely be an Acer.

  • roastchookroastchook Posts: 1Member

    Just downloaded it on my A810...all good in Australia

  • DarkoGjakovskiDarkoGjakovski Posts: 1Member

    Just got the update in Macedonia Smiley Happy

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