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Acer Liquid E2 Duo : Storage Problem. How To ?

THBGTHBG Posts: 4Member


I have a storage problem on my Acer Liquid E2 Duo. Due to my previous phone experience I thought that 4Gb as internal memory was enough but it's not despite I moved all applications I could to SD Card.

Here is what I can notice in "Settings" -> "Storage"


  1. Internal Storage -> Size 2.35 Gb -> Free 50 Mb
  2. SD Card          -> Size 32 Gb   -> Free 22 Gb
  3. Phone Storage    -> Size 1.6 Gb  -> Free 1.6 Gb

So "Internal Storage" + "Phone Storage" are the default 4 Gb coming with the phone.
But obviously NO application go to "Phone Storage" while I run out of space on "Internal Storage" ! Why ??

Moreover many "default" apps coming with OS (and that I do NOT use like Facebook, etc...) are UN-INSTALLABLE (I tried it only disable them) and UN-MOVABLE to SD Card (option is greyed out) !!!

So as summary : I run out of space on "Internal Storage" with many un-removable apps and while "Phone Storage" is not used, I have plenty of space on SD Card but I cannot move default default apps on it...

If someone has answers...


  • WillLWillL Posts: 121Member
    I don't get this. You are the 2nd person I've seen on this forum with memory problems, but I still have 164mb left and have things like Facebook installed. Using my phone to post this, but one day I'll use my PC and list everything I have installed plus sizes so we can compare the difference.
  • THBGTHBG Posts: 4Member

    Great Thanks for your reply.

    Here is what I see :









  • jb_e2jb_e2 Posts: 12Member

    I have the same problem:

    1. Internal Storage -> Size 2.35 Gb -> Free 270 Mb
    2. SD Card          -> Size 16 Gb   -> Free 14.32 Gb
    3. Phone Storage    -> Size 1.65 Gb  -> Free 1.63 Gb

    With an internal storage of 50mb you can't even download the new system update (100mb)

    Combination of internal storage and Phone storage would be nice

  • THBGTHBG Posts: 4Member

    I was able to download and install system update today by disabling some un-removable apps (it prompts for "factory reset" for the application and freed some space). It's stupid cause I have 20Gb free on SD !


    After system update I transfered back (may be I hoped some bugs were fixed) a large personal application from SD card to phone. No miracle :

    1. Internal Storage and Phone storage where still not merged
    2. Space used my moved app was still on Internal Storage and not on Phone storage
    3. Default apps are still not transferable on SD Card

    Smiley Sad

  • DextaDexta Posts: 1Member

    I to have this problem and it is rendering my phone absolutely useless. Applications are unable to update and there is no storage available to install new applications. This remains the case even after the update that permits transferring some apps to external storage. The insufficient storage icon is now constantly displayed.


    Acer the space available is inadequate. Why not extend the internal storage in some way to include the external sd card?


    A no nonsense phone is proving to simple to compete with the big boys. If this frustration continues I will have no choice but to regrettably opt for another phone.



  • waizalfwaizalf Posts: 1Member

    Same problem. I tried to solve this problem now for about 2 hours. No solution. Very unsatisfying.

  • Superdude73Superdude73 Posts: 1Member

    Same problem here, tried to update for more then a week! Then I discovered the option to "turn off" default apps, which really makes a difference. But this work around is ridiculous, my SD is also 32GB but my average internal memory available is about 70 MB. Every update it is a hassle to do so. Must say that enterprise mail app(stored on SD card) consumes more then 40 MB internal memory on average, which is pretty high in my opinion. Some finetuning on this part is more then desired! 

  • sagiasagia Posts: 1Member

    okay my experience is total luck


    what I do:

    1. Root
    2. Repartition
    3. Wipe my data
    4. Cry  Smiley Mad  (realize that I didn't back up before reparition)
    5. Search about flashing
    6. download Liquid E2 OS (023)  from Acer driver site
    7. put OS file in my microSD
    8. press power + sound down
    9. Restore from SD card --> and then select OS downloaded from acer
    10. install OS from SD card


    (note: I already install a lot of apps before I take this screenshots) 










    my internal storage now 2,5 GB



    I cannot update OTA to firmware 030

    my Liquid E2 cannot be rooted anymore

  • sykanossykanos Posts: 2Member

    Exactly same problem here, Internal storage full, Phone Storage and SD Card empty.

    Any way to merge Phone Storage with Internal Storage?


  • universe876universe876 Posts: 1Member

    I have excatly the same problem, even if I moved all the movable apps to my external SD, the internal memory keeps on going down and getting lower everyday. I basically have to clean the cache more times per day. I red that many people on an Italian forum have the same problem and that in some shops they stopped recommening Acer Smartphones to customers due to memory issues and errors.


    Furthermore, in my case, the phone freezes very often and many apps crash, more times per day. I tried to call Acer, but the guy that answered to my calls doesn't understand a thing, he just tells me that the Liquid E2 can fit SD of up to 14Gb and not 32, and then gives to directions on how to solve the problems, but just "we pick it up and check it if you like".


    I was hoping for a better service from Acer Smiley Sad

  • Jimmy51Jimmy51 Posts: 1Member
    Exact same problem. I only have a few apps as well, it's a total joke. If this was my only phone it would have to go. All apps are moved to SD default installation location is SD but I had 20mb left and have had to remove apps every week to get rid of the storage warnings. What is with the crazy partition size. Acer needs to fix this. Also it's made worse by the SD corrupting every couple of months as well, so you're forced to put everything on SD then you lose the SD contents and have to reformat. Totally annoying, totally unnecessary. Fix it.
  • WillLWillL Posts: 121Member
    I have 250mb internal free and my phone is not rooted. I have a few tips that may help a few of you. Through your settings, go to storage and look at the apps you don't use (for me, this was google+, google play magazines, hangouts, drive, google play books, acer cloud, gmail, google text to speech and mood agent). Select them, select uninstall updates and then mark them as disabled (so they don't auto update) and then enjoy a boost of new internal memory.
  • jlogan1jlogan1 Posts: 1Member
    i am getting the same telling me storage is nearly out ,only have 20mb left,cant transfer anything else and tried phoning to be told should do factory reset when i asked how i back everything up was told they couldnt tell me how to do that but when i worked it out come back to them and they would tell me how to do factory reset,have only had it 2 months surley this isnt right !!!have tried above uninstalling updates etc and gives a bit of space but for how long?? and how come there is 'phone memory' that is about 1.6gb that isnt used and how do we get to it ?
  • surfthenetsurfthenet Posts: 1Member


    I have the exact same problem. 

    It beats me why Acer released this phone and did not fully test it in regards to updates and storage issues.

    I will be contacting them tomorrow to ask for a solution, not a work around.


    Its not good.

  • cfguzcfguz Posts: 1Member

     Same problem as described before. It is really annoying to receive a "storage problem" every minute!

  • Bokkie85Bokkie85 Posts: 2Member

    Indeed, I've got the same problem.

    Cleaning the cache doesn't solve it.

    It seems that Acer made an update, which keeps downloading itself, but does'nt install.

    And then repeadidly download, no installing and clogging the device.


    The problem is clearly in the system area of the device.
    System usage is 1,6 GB

  • sykanossykanos Posts: 2Member

    The problem here is that Acer is not doing anything to solve this problem.

    No firmware updates, no support, absolutely nothing!

  • THBGTHBG Posts: 4Member

    New System Update received today (around 79MB).

    Just applied and no change at all regarding this storage problem...

  • JamesE2DuoJamesE2Duo Posts: 9Member

    I have been doing quite a lot of reading about this issue. There seem to be 2 main options:


    1.  Root the phone (and invalidate the warranty) then install a patch or build that implements a better split between the 2 built-in memories.




    2.  Use the tips metioned in this post to manage your memory as best as possible - remove unused apps, clean caches out occassionally, stop pre-installed apps you don't use from auto-updating then uninstall the updates that are already installed.


    I can't see that Acer will launch a fix for this issue via an OTA upgrade because re-partitioning the memory would mean re-formatting the memory thus everything residing in it would be deleted as part of the upgrade. People would therefore have to have the time, skills, and tools to backup their phone before the installation and restore/re-build after it (and know that they have to do so in the first place) - or lose everything.

  • WillLWillL Posts: 121Member
    I only have around 150mb free these days (if I clean the cache). Unfortunately HD widgets requires about 70mb.
  • mau003mau003 Posts: 2Member

    I am following this topic since I am in the same situation as of the others. I finally understood that the problem I have with the memory is something unforseen and I would like to have more information about the 2 solution proposed: how can I fix it? 


    I am willing to put the root on the phone, if it is necessary, but I definitely need some additional links or quick explanation on what to download and/or flash on the mobile to do it!

  • WillLWillL Posts: 121Member
    Search the internet for Rooting Acer Liquid E2. I think there is program super one click (not tried it, but used the version for the Xperia Play successfully). If this is the same, it won't delete anything but will allow apps to be installed and run directly from the SD card (other than widgets).
  • mau003mau003 Posts: 2Member

    I'd say that the real problem is not getting few mb free for the app to sd, rather than making possible the use of the 1,something Gb of unused space on the mobile. 

    I think that is definitely crazy from Acer to not find a solution and this is the reason I am here, if someone has it Smiley Wink

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