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Acer Aspire 5542G-1757 Black Screen/Dead Screen Issue

Greetings Acer Community,


As per the title, I am currently experiencing the Black Screen/Dead Screen issue withmy laptop. The laptop is still powering on, with everying appears to be running, but I am getting absolutely no display.


I have already attempted powering down my laptop and discharging excess energy, as well as tested both sticks of RAM in both RAM slots (I do not have any extra RAM laying around), but to no avail. I also attempted to hook the laptop up to my TV screen via a HDMI cable, but that had no effect either (I have not tested it on my desktop monitor yet). It also doesn't appear to be a problem with the connections, as everything seems to be firmly tucked in place.


I came across one video that suggested a BIOS flash boot, but I'm a little hesitant to try because 1) The file types do not match his explaination, and 2) I know messing with the BIOS can be tricky business.


Thank you to anyone in advance if you think you can help Smiley Happy



  • xvcrimsajadevxxvcrimsajadevx Posts: 7Member

    Oh... And my operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, no updates.

  • MetalSaintMetalSaint Posts: 20Member

    Hi, this just happened to me as well I discharged the battery and checked my laptop RAM,Hard-disk.


    after 40 mins now my laptop is on. this happened just after I updated my video driver to: NVIDIA 331.65 WHQL Display Driver


    My laptop mode: V3-571G


    Windows 8 Pro


    Guess this is NVIDIA problem.


    until they fix it or release a new beta driver

  • xvcrimsajadevxxvcrimsajadevx Posts: 7Member

    Than can't be it for mine; my VGA's an AMD, though I would imagine you're on the right track and the issue is with the graphics card somehow. I just attempted to hook my monitor up to it, and got nothing.

  • MetalSaintMetalSaint Posts: 20Member

    Even so different graphics cards.


    okay try this bro.


    charge the battery as soon you see its full


    remove the charger fast and the click the power button and then plug in the charger and hope this work if it did uninstall your graphics card driver and roll back to an old version

  • MetalSaintMetalSaint Posts: 20Member

    one more thing xD when I first replyed to you I was just recovered from the Black Screen xD and after a lot of testing the last thing I mentioned above worked now do it and hurry just uninstall your graphics card driver and it'll work because I just did and restarted my laptop and I'm back now Smiley Happy plus when you finish and if its worked for you.


    go to Device manager you will see Microsoft Basic Display Adpater update it Smiley Happy

  • xvcrimsajadevxxvcrimsajadevx Posts: 7Member

    And how do I do this if all i'm getting is a black screen Smiley Tongue I've tried hooking it up to an external monitor as well as my TV. There's no signal at all coming from the thing at all, though both the TV and Monitor seemed to register it's presence.

  • MetalSaintMetalSaint Posts: 20Member

    Just do this Smiley Very Happy


    1. turn off your laptop by press down the power key for 10 secs.

    2. plug in the charger make sure to charge the battery to full (you can see the charging light goes from orange to blue)

    3. unplug the charger and then press the power button and in the same time plugin the charger and unplug it after that hope the screen works.


    because I did this and it worked for me!.

  • xvcrimsajadevxxvcrimsajadevx Posts: 7Member

    Lol. still not doing anything. I think it's gone Smiley Sad

  • Vince53Vince53 Posts: 805Member

    Courage Buddy (I'm not going to try to spell your name). It isn't hopeless yet.


    I think that you´re saying that you don't even get the splash screen with the Acer logo. In that case, you have either a BIOS failure, a monitor cable failure, or a monitor failure. Try shining a flashlight onto your monitor to see if it is showing the display. If it is, you might have a backlight failure.


    You might have turned off your monitor. Look at the F keys for the one with the picture of a monitor. Press Fn plus that key to turn it back on. You have another F key with a picture that shows a light with an up arrow. Press that key with Fn to raise your brightness.


    Try to borrow a legal copy of your operating system, insert it into your DVD drive, and reboot. MAYBE you will go to a repair menu.


    If none of this works, I advise you to take it to a reputable computer shop.

  • xvcrimsajadevxxvcrimsajadevx Posts: 7Member

    Tried shinning light into the screen as well and there is nothing. Also, the monitor buttons were attempted as well when I attempted hooking it up to the external monitor.


    I'm trying to find the .fd file in the BIOS downloads on this site so I can attempt a BIOS flash boot, but it doesn't appear to be included in the zip files. I might have crisis disks laying around somewhere... the 5 or 6 disks they asked me to make when I first booted up the computer? I don't know where they are offhand though.


    I do have a copy of Windows 7 Pro on hand since I build my own desktop ; not quite the same OS... WIll that work?



    Edit: Nope... Factory Default disks, and still can't find the right files.


    Also, tried my Windows 7 disk... it was definitely being read, but no luck forcing the screen to come on.

  • xvcrimsajadevxxvcrimsajadevx Posts: 7Member

    Is there a way for me to convert what is there into an .fd file so I can attempt a BIOS flash boot?

  • Vince53Vince53 Posts: 805Member

    Since you can't get the monitor to turn on by any of several methods, I'm afraid that you probably have a hardware failure. It could be a minor problem  and flashing the BIOS can turn it into a major one.


    I recommend that you take your machine to a reputable computer shop.

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