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Aspire V5 122p Windows 8 Recovery

stwindrstwindr Posts: 3Member

My Aspire V5-122P-61456G50NSS, model - MS2377, has been crashed all together (bought 2 weeks before) and currently I am unable to go back to store I bought from for repair or exchange. It was preloaded with Windows 8 and I upgraded to windows 8.1 3-4 days before crash.


The screen at startup shows message:

"Your PC needs to be repaired. Operating system could not be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors 'File:\Windows\system32\winload.efi
Error code: 0xc0000225.

Insert any recovery media."

Unfortunately I did not make any recovery media before the crash. While accessing the eRecovery on Acer store with my PC's serial no. it says nor RCD available for this.


I tried recovery by loading recovery manager (Left Alt + F10) as mentioned in Acer support articles, Various other advanced startup options (like holding shift key while turning on or pressing F8 key) returns nothing but above message only. However I am able to enter BIOS.


After doing research on above condition on various PC forums, now my questions:

1. Is there any other way to access the recovery partition (may be through BIOS?)?


2. I read that a 'Windows Recovery Drive' can be made on any PC running Windows 8 and could be used to repair another PC. Does anybody in Acer community have that (or a link to download the same from somewhere? as I'm unable to find anybody running windows 8 among my friends).


3. Now that the product key of windows is not mentioned on any stickers pasted below to PC's as before but it's embedded in to BIOS itself, if I try to fresh install or reinstall windows 8, will it ask for a product key (which I don't know, it being tied to BIOS or is there anyway to find it?). If I can fresh install like this, should the new windows version be win8 or 8.1? (and whichever it be, does anybody have a link to download that ISO without product key (key being already there in BIOS).


Your help will be most appreciated.


  • stwindrstwindr Posts: 3Member

    Ok, here is the update, I downloaded a window 8 Pro ISO and made a bootable USB. I was able to go to 'Repair Your Computer' option and after going to 'Reset your PC' option found that my recovery partition has gone/missing. I tried all options available but no luck.

    Then I tried to install with that Windows 8 Pro ISO but got message:
    "The product key entered does not match any of the Windows images available for installation. Enter a different product key".
    before this message I did not got any form to fill product key! Does this mean that the installer was picking up the key from BIOS (OEM Key)? and may be the installation did not succeeded because OEM Windows version was Window 8 and I was trying to install Windows 8 Pro.
    If that is the case then, could somebody please send me link to download an Windows 8 (64 bit) ISO? I am helpless and couldn't find anywhere on internet (without having to pay for a new key, but I should not pay as the installer will use OEM key).
  • SharanjiSharanji Posts: 1,372ACE




    I definitely know that this could be frustrating when there is an issue with new computer.


    As per the error messages, the operating system has been corrupted and has to be reloaded.


    You do not have option to install retail version since the computer is shipped with OEM version of windows 8.


    The product key is stored in the BIOS and is automatically activted when you reinstall OEM windows shipped wih your computer.


    Since you have not created the recovery disc, you need to purchase it from Acer store.

    If the recovery media is not avaliable at store, you may contact Acer support in your region Acer world

    If you have a unit from US or Canada, you may also live chat with an Acer technician at : Acer live chat




  • saulosaulo Posts: 24Member

    For what reason Acer doesn't include a copy of Windows 8 on CD together the PC?

    Nobody makes recovery disks and Acer recovery system has never helped a single person.

  • stwindrstwindr Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for info Sharanji. Update - my friend was able to get this thing running by installing a temporary key & windows Pro for time being. We got to know that there is no more original recovery partition sitting on my HDD. This set up is temp only, because I need to travel out n carry this PC with me.

    My final question, if I can create a recovery disk (with copy from recovery partition enabled), on another machine of same model and configuration as mine original) will that disk be able to bring my machine to its factory default ( since that will be an OEM version and I still have my original OEM key embedded in my BIOS.

    I bought this for my upcoming business travel if nothing works out, I will send to local Acer care on my return, but can't do right now, so need it to be up and running.

    Thanks for help again.
  • lenkneelenknee Posts: 1Member

    I want to replace the 5400 hard drive in an Aspire V5 122p with an SSD drive.  I made a backup on 16 GB flash drive then swpped out the old drive.  However, when I try and boot from the USB drive it can see the drive which  seems to have all the files but won't start the reinstall of the factory image.  I have tried two different USB drives (both new).  It gives some foolishness about loading a driver but if you go in through that process you can see the USB drive and all the files.  What now?

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