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Upgrade Acer W500 to Windows 8

westonrwestonr Posts: 35Member



I have just spent the last 5 hours trying to resolve a failed windows 8 Installation on an Acer W500 with a 32Gb SSD I went down the avenue of a clean install using a bootable USB and selecting to keep nothing, all went well until it decided that there was not enough disc space 2Gb short and this is where the whole process stopped . Have I misinterpreted what the down load can actually achieve, is it not capable of a clean installation formatting the drive and creating a partion as windows 7 what can do ?.


I now cannot even boot up my original Windows 7 cannot navigate the suggested options the only thing I can get into is the Bios, Can I format my SSD and reboot with the USB downloaded Windows 8 .Or will I have to use my windows 7 recovery discs and start all over again?  Any body know How I can get into dos format the SSD and boot from the USB ?




  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Member

    Seasoned Practitioner

    Sorry you are having problems with the upgrade. You should be able to use the upgrade download to do a clean install of Win 8. Since your tablet currently won't boot, I recommend using your recovery disks to restore your tablet back to Windows 7, then attempt the upgrade again. It is highly recommended that you use the Win 8 upgrade assistant tool at /en/home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fus.acer.com%2Fac%2Fen%2FUS%2Fcontent%2Fupgrade-assistant-tool" class="Popup.





  • crossuabcrossuab Posts: 1Member

    My sister also has the ACER w500.  She recently received a disc copy of windows 8 for Xmas and wants to upgrade from Windows 7.  She moved the windowns files to a USB in order to install onto tablet but was told she didn't have enough space because 16 gb were needed for the install.  Will the upgrade assistant tool get her over this hurdle?

  • westonrwestonr Posts: 35Member

    I had to remove program's to make enough space to install widows 8 as an upgrade it should have booted up from the disc and go into the install mode I had just 16 Gb of space when I did the upgrade and it worked well, but after the installation I tried to remove the Windows old file but this is where it went all wrong it caused the Windows 8 to crash and freeze I have just got the tablet back to it,s factory setting to try again, I still have a few program's to remove before I start the Windows 8 installation again I did my upgrade from windows 7, going into my computer opening the bootable USB program and selecting install and it went OK with less than 16Gb  is this the way your sister has tried to do the upgrade ?. 


    I have just found a site that /en/home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fhelpdeskgeek.com%2Fwindows-8%2Fremove-windows-old-folder-in-windows-8%2Fgives" class="Popup gives you step by step guide to removal of old windows files.


    I believe as long as you have enough space I would have thought 16 Gb being enough  if you install from windows 7 then it should work it will leave you a small amount of space but following the link you should be able to remove the old files and free up 15 Gb or so. I have not completed the second update yet will keep you advised as to how it went I am not that well up on the technical side, but when I had 8 installed on the W500 it was a very different tablet it work well and fast hope this is a bit of help to you.

  • westonrwestonr Posts: 35Member

    Just by the way of an update I am in the process of re-installing Windows 8 and I removed a lot of programs that were taking up space before doing the up grade the windows 8 installation gave me a message that I did not have enough space for the upgrade and gave me a list of files that could be removed I selected the files and performed the removal and then restarted the installation, all undertaken within the widows 8 installation process. So quite an intelligent inter phase "Fool Proof I hope" keep you posted.

  • westonrwestonr Posts: 35Member

    Have updated to windows 8 used the Clean up and have now got 20Gb of free space, seems to be working well now updating and personalizing the Metro Screen.

  • westonrwestonr Posts: 35Member

    I have finished the installation and installed my software I am really pleased with the improved performance of the tablet after all the updates and software I have loaded, have 15Gb of free space I also use a TuneUp utility to keep the system up to spec which runs in the background. The windows store does not have the range as yet that the Android store has but it is very early days, but the biggest bonus is it's Windows and the range of software available.


    It has been a very interesting and sometimes very difficult process I would not class myself as knowing that much about computers but I have gained some knowledge from this experience.

  • WalderWalder Posts: 61Member

    Good to know it worked out well in the end for u.

  • professorfprofessorf Posts: 1Member

    I got this working and kept all my programs / data.  What you have to do is:


    1) Backup your 32Gb SSD

    2) Install a 64Gb SSD (this IS NOT EASY and you'll probably scratch up your case like I did, beware)
    3) Restore onto the 64GB SSD


    That's it.  I have 15Gb left over after installing all of Office 2010, Adobe CS4 32-bit, Visual Studio 2012 Professional, Kinect SDK, Visual Robot Studio, Maya 2012.


    I love developing on this little guy!  The only problem is that it 1280x800, so you don't get snap view, but other than that it works great.

  • phoffmannphoffmann Posts: 1Member

    I have a acer w 500  how is the best way to delet files  to get some of your 32 gb back

  • Grah-BeardGrah-Beard Posts: 3Member

    That sounds interesting from 'professorf' about installing a 64GB SSD.


    Can the professor give some more details, or head us towards another thread or a link regarding this SSD 'upgrade'?



  • edeab220edeab220 Posts: 1Member

    Here's the instructions that I used to upgrade the SSD of my W500:


    Upgrading W500s SSD


    I would do this before upgrading to Windows 8. I put a 256GB SSD in my W500 and it works great.

  • neolinneolin Posts: 1Member

    mau upgrade windows 8

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