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Acer Aspire v3-571g - Windows 8.1 Audio Driver

TazZ4FuNTazZ4FuN Member Posts: 3

When Acer will put an audio driver for windows 8.1 ? Now I use audio driver from windows 8 but is not full compatible with windows 8.1 because dolby home theater v4 works only in windows 8.



Sorry for my bad ENGLISH ....

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  • SreevSreev Member Posts: 1

    Same for me. Been looking around I can't find a solution for this, seems like dolby home theater v4 don't work in 8.1.

    I got an Aspire S5-391 and I installed 8.1 yesterday and installed all of the 8.1 drivers found on the Drivers and Manuals page. I found the dolby home theater v4 driver in the realtek audio driver folder and I managed to install it, but it just sits there and does nothing. Heres hoping for a fix.

  • PhilBPhilB Member Posts: 4

    Dont know if this helps but I have had exactly the same problem with my Aspire 7720G now running the windows 8.1 pro preview evaluation copy build 9431, tried everything under the sun to get the Realtek HD audio working properly and ended up useing the asus realtek driver for windows 8 64 bit and as soon as I did everything including dolby and the external jacks came back to life as they should, now I have the problem that my crystal eye webcam wont work! device manager can see it and reports it is working ok, drivers load (tried 6 so far) but webcam just wont work? think Acer is getting a bit lazy when it comes to updates and drivers, I spent a lot of money on this Vista laptop when it was new and recomended it to many friends who purchased the same machine and now they are all looking at other makes due to driver problems after upgrading to windows 7 or 8, come on Acer catch up!

  • TazZ4FuNTazZ4FuN Member Posts: 3

    Maybe an expert/admin from acer will answer here this topic soon.

  • well1well1 Member Posts: 1

    when are you going to fix audio drive win. 8.1

  • MetalSaintMetalSaint Member Posts: 20


    This happens to me when I plug my headphone the sound disappear but when I unplug it the sound come backs.


    and if this problem happens even without plugging your headphones or other speakers than the laptop speakers try this.


    Control Panel > Sounds > Playback > Speakers Properties > Enhancements > Disable all Enchancements apply and click ok.


    and hope this helps you Smiley Happy until Acer fix it or Dobly release a driver for Windows 8.1



  • kmosskmoss Member Posts: 1

    DO they have any updates for this issue? Because I can't play and movies anymore. Smiley Sad


  • KimchiFanKimchiFan Member Posts: 4

    Got an almost identical problem on my Aspire V3-371 after updating to Windows 8.1: I used the latest offiaicl driver package from the acer support website (Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.7027_W8.1x64), sound is OK, but Dolby Home Theater 4 isn't working right: It is supposed to be on, but equalizer etc. don't do anything.

    I tried installing, deinstalling, even the Realtek HD Audio reference drivers - but to no avail.  So this is an Windows 8.1 compatibility issue?

  • GGsAcerGGsAcer Member Posts: 19

    Hi Guys,


    I was looking for Dolby Home Theatre 4 Presets and came across this thread.


    I have Windows 8.1 installed; I did a clean install instead of that Store Upgrade nonsense. I am using Windows 8 drivers for hardware that don't have a Windows 8.1 version yet. One of them is my audio driver (Realtek HD Audio) which also installs Dolby Home Theatre 4 and so far everything seems fine; the same as it was when I installed Windows 8.


    I guess I'm lucky or maybe it's because I did a clean install instead of an upgrade.





  • BorislavBorislav Member Posts: 1

    Ok here is what I did and it worked for me Smiley Happy
    1.Go to Device Manager and uninstal realtek high deff driver
    2.Download the newest audio driver for windows 8 not 8.1 x64 or x82
    3.Install It and reboot notebook
    You should see the dolby driver working correctly now,If you still dont go to the  folder where you downloaded the driver and install The Dolby driver from folder named "PCEE4" Smiley Happy

  • KimchiFanKimchiFan Member Posts: 4

    I tried a similar method, but had to go back to the Windows 7 drivers für my Aspire V3-731 (Windows 8.1). Now Dolby Home Theatre is working. I'd prefer properly working drivers for Windows 8.1 64, though.

  • marian210marian210 Member Posts: 1

    vreau draivure

  • Phil-3Phil-3 Member Posts: 1,182 Skilled Practitioner

    Hello marian210, and welcome!

    The Acer Community is a global peer to peer support forum where users share their experiences and expertise with Acer products.

    Because of the multi-national nature of our community, we ask that users post in English, as that is the most common language to all users. By doing this, our members are more likely to get a response to their question, and those answers will be available to the entire community as a resource.


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