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Acer Aspire v5-471pg Wireless Network adapter issues

Hi guys,

             i have issue with my wifi. i tried to connect to my router. But every 5 min, it will said 'LImited Access'.

i tired to uninstall the wifi and restart my computer Then reinstall. Still cannot.

i tired install window 7 Qualxomm Atheros wireless v10.0.0.42 from acer support. It works but it has confict with ndis.sys.

So anyone have a simple solution that can solve my problem.

Note: i change this laptop already 2 times from the place i buy.


  • D3monAcerD3monAcer Posts: 2Member

    One more is that my latop system is window 8

  • ChrisChris Posts: 84Member



    Please try downloading latest driver. As on support site it is up to



  • mwismemwisme Posts: 4Member

    i also have a same problem , im retail in Low Yat Plaza Malaysia , then the problem V5-471pg wifi will after 5~10 mins will auto limit access and need reconnect , latest driver also same problem ! window 8 problem? really cannot fix , i have many this machine problem already , services center also cannot fix 

  • AlbancitoAlbancito Posts: 1Member

    Hy D3monAcer,


    I have recently buy the same computer and the same problem!!!


    Did you find a solution to solve the internet interruptions???

  • jummyjummy Posts: 1Member

    Hi everyone, I got Acer Aspire V5 531 touch screen and the laptop disconnects from my wifi like every 5min showing limited network, I tought it was the computer and i returned it to The Source where I got it and it was replaced with the same model of laptop but on geting home I connected to the internent and it was still showing network disconnected like d one I returned, I latter went online to find solution for the laptop because i really like it then I installedthe new driver 10.0.0 225 but the problem remained the same after installation. I was worried and desided to play around the settings of my laptop THERE I FOUND SOLUTION and realised there is no problem with the driver that comes with the latop intially but the network driver is configured to turn itself off after few minuits to save battery life. this can also work for u try this , if u are using window 8, go to SETTINGS-----DEVICE MANAGER-------NETWORK ADAPTOR---- (Qualcomm Atheros Communications) yours could be different depending on your driver version---------POWER MANAGEMENT-------- uncheck the box which says "alow the computer to turn off this device to save power".


    My laptop as been working perfectly after I turned the setting off, I hope it works for u and pls let others know if i works.

  • LexingtonLexington Posts: 2Member

    I just bought the Acer Aspire V5 - Windows 8 touch screen in February and have the same problem.  Network disconnects after 5 min. -'limited access'. I returned to retail store where I bought it and they could not reproduce.  They checked to see that my adapter would not shut down to save battery - it was unchecked.  At first problem was intermittent; now it's almost constant.  Havent' tried to update the adapter driver but judging from comments here it isn't going to help.  I have to suspect a Windows 8 issue.  When I choose 'troubleshooting', Windows reports it has to reset the adapter.  Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't and I have to wait for the problem to clear itself.

  • english4bwenglish4bw Posts: 1Member

    Had the same issue when I bought my V5 yesterday.

    Solution = *make sure you have a secure ethernet connection before you attempt this!

    Go to CONTROL PANEL - HARDWARE AND SOUND - DEVICES AND PRINTERS- DEVICE MANAGER - NETWORK ADAPTERS - Qualcomm Wireless Adapter - right click and select preferences, then select UNINSTALL.


    Uninstall factory Qualcomm software.


    This will delete the Qualcomm software driver from your computer.


    Then use direct ethernet cable access to your wireless router, go to the ACER site, Support; Drivers and Downloads, and download the NEW Qualcomm wireless software.


    Takes about 4 mins. RUN the Qualcomm software and BOOM! FIXED.

  • DugmicDugmic Posts: 1Member



    I bought an Acer V5-571, running on Windows 8, in february. I haven't really used my WiFi since than because I thought the problems might stem from the location I was at that time. But now that I am back home since a month I don't have a working connection for more than 2 minutes. Sometimes it works for longer, aber in general it does not. I tried changing my power settings (in the power settings AND the WiFi adapter settings). I checked for adapter updates (atheros) but it sais I have the newest version. I am trying to download the driver again but it is not really working because my internet keeps kicking me...I also checked for viruses and defragmented, just in case. Nothing. Nothing seems to work.

    Can anybody help? PLEASE!


    Thank you!

  • JoseM223JoseM223 Posts: 1Member

    Can you give me info on how to do this.  i would appreciate it a lot thanks


    [edited for privacy]

  • aanndyyhhaanndyyhh Posts: 1Member

    I had the same problem


    I downloaded driver version (dated 18/3/13) from Acer support to the local drive, deleted the installed driver version (dated 26/9/12), & then installed the new driver


    problem solved  Smiley Happy

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