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eMachines class action web site

rebrandsrebrands Posts: 7Member

Hello, I'm new to the site.  Due to my newness I somehow originally posted this to the Software forum, so I'm trying again.


I am looking for some knowledge regarding the eMachines class action settlement.  I have sent for and received the certificate and am now considering which computer being offered is the one for me.  Here's the rub.  On the class action redemption site, (http://www.emachinesredeem.com/Acer-Celeron-2-7GHz-Desktop-AT3-600-UR33/dp/B00FKZ3XSG?field_availabi...), the unit I'm considering, the Acer AT3-600-UR33, many of the specified things, such as video memory and available expansion slots are shown as "not available".  Does this mean that these things are not available, or that the information is not available?  I've checked the specs on-line, but I'm concerned that the unit offered on the site isn't exactly the same as the ones I've examined on-line.   The site says the graphics is on board, but the research I've done indicates that there is a separate graphics card in this computer.   Specifically, I want to know if I can run two monitors from this computer, or add a video card to run a second monitor.  Thanks in advance for your help.


  • jeffrobinsonjeffrobinson Posts: 5Member

    Howdy rebrand, I too am in the same boat. I did quite a bit of searching today and all I can find is that this unit appears to be more commonly referred to as an Acer Aspire T3-600. Seems that the processor is different here though. The consumer retail market is selling these with the Intel i3 processor. Cnet gave a very positive review for the i5 equiped model. Beyoud that, I have nothing. Except the Celeron G1620 used here is pretty well liked. I responded to to my "welcome to the family" email from the Acer rep who's name was on the bottom, but likelyhood of further correspondence is unknown. If you find anything on this unit, please post it. I bit the bullet and ordered this unit, so I may be able to shed some light on the subject in 8-10 days. jeffrobinson

  • rebrandsrebrands Posts: 7Member

    Hello, jeffrobinson.  Thank you for the link, it provided precisely the info I was looking for, specifically, expansion bays and expansion slots.  I have a card that will allow me to run a second monitor if the installed graphics card won't provide for it.  I will order it asap.  I've read some squawks about the class action settlement, but what's to complain about if it's free.  I don't do any gaming or need high power, so this will do nicely for me.

  • jeffrobinsonjeffrobinson Posts: 5Member

    Well, I picked up my AT3-600-UR33 from UPS today, but have yet to open the box. I was hoping to add this to my entertainment center as a home theater pc. I have a 720p BenQ projector that can display "pc 3D". I dont know much about any of that, but apparently nVidia 3D vision is how its done. I hope to find out how much, or how little video card is needed, and how much card this pc will handle. I wish you luck, brother. I could scan and post any literature thats in the box if that would help ya.

  • jeffrobinsonjeffrobinson Posts: 5Member

    Tore open the box, well packaged, but not one piece of model specific literature...sigh..

  • rebrandsrebrands Posts: 7Member

    Mine is still enroute, should arrive in a couple of weeks.  Yeah, all the manuals are probably (hopefully) in electronic form on the machine somewhere, or on-line.

  • brycebarnes1brycebarnes1 Posts: 1Member

    Can you please tell me if these pc has hmdi or bluetooth i am looking at the

    Acer Celeron G1620 2.7GHz Desktop PC |AT3-600-UR33

    and i cant seem to find this pc anywhere on the net and it does not tell you in the description any help on the specs would hellp me every much i cant deside if i am going to go with this pc or the 2.2 ghz dell..  thank you BRYCE

  • jeffrobinsonjeffrobinson Posts: 5Member

    It does have hdmi, but i dont know about bluetooth yet.

  • rebrandsrebrands Posts: 7Member

    I received my Acer AT3-600-UR33 last week and here is what I have to report so far.  It does have HDMI and Bluetooth, 4GB RAM, wireless LAN is built-in.  I was hoping to transfer some accessories from my old PC to this one, but have been unsuccessful.  I wanted to be able to run two monitors, I was using an expansion card in the old PC to do this.  The Acer will run two monitors, but one has to be HDMI.  My expansion card will not work in the Acer, it's a different slot type.  Also, I wanted to use two RAM sticks from the old one, again, different slots, won't work.  Lastly, I tried to put in an additional SATA hard drive and the Acer would not recognize it at all.  Operator error?  Don't know yet.  The motherboard will accept only SATA hard drives, no IDE.  Also, the learning curve going from XP, I hate change, to Win 8 is pretty steep.  Otherwise it seems ok to me, it's very quiet.  My demands are pretty low though, e-mail, photos, genealory, no gaming or high power stuff.  But who can complain with the price?

  • redflashredflash Posts: 2Member

    I ordered an Gateway SX2370 from this site( Secondipity), when it arrived we hooked it up, and buzz/click.....nothing.  It seemed as thought the video card was damaged ( integral with the motherboard.)  could NOT get the monitor to register anything.   So I got return authorization from secondipity and shipped it out.  They replaced it with another identical gateway sx2370.  The box was in better shape, and like many of you there was NO owners literature/manual.

    I plugged everything in..........exactly the same..monitor would blink with the resolution info, then turn off into sleep mode ( green light went out, amber light came on.  Changing cables, kicking the left side, cussing, nothing worked.  I called tech in town, and he said " video card's no good".....

    I call secondipity and say hey kids this ones no good either.   They responded with "what would you like to do?"


    They told me I could go back to the e-machine site and relace with any units currently on the site, so I chose

    the acer G1620  T#-600 unit.  I wonder if this one is broken also, we'll find out next week.

    I am starting to believe that this company has a warehouse full of defective and used units that came from "questionable" batches.   And they just keep sending them out to you....you send it back and they ship it to me,

    I send it back, and they send it to her.......just a round robin of junk until we give up, say "NEVER MIND"

    and go to Best buy and just pay $350 and buy something that some one will stand behind.......

    I'll let you know if the ACER works any better than the 2 gateways.

  • redflashredflash Posts: 2Member

    Well Secondipty sent me the 3rd machine, also a gateway sx2370......no tape on the box, no literature, computer doesn't work.   Third one........bad video card again, so I sent a stinging letter of anger and dissapointment.  I talked to some one this morning, they just can't understand, it's all so confusing to them.  They will have Vicki call me and provide a solution !!!!! Hey I'm retired, I can play this game longer than them.  Acer/Gateway, your not making friends!!!!!

  • BeebopBeebop Posts: 1Member
    Will a Dell VGA monitor work with the Acer Celeron G1620 2.7GHz Desktop PC |AT3-600-UR33 ?
  • jarheadpajarheadpa Posts: 1Member

    Hi everyone... did you read what I thought I saw that it is a NEW Acer Aspire T3-600-UR33?? That is with Celeron G1620 @ 2.7 Ghz.

    I tried to check Acer website to find out more about the specs, like how much memory is capable, etc etc. The serial number or the SNID indicates that it's an invalid number. I writing to Customer Service (?) they also said that it was invalid. I replied with purchase date, order number, etc, and that it was on eMachines Class Action settlement.

    She wrote back saying that all the machines on that site are REFURBISHED machines. As I remember, I saw both refurbs and new machines.

    Am I going crazy, or did you see the same thing?

  • Keith932Keith932 Posts: 10Member

    Hi Everyone I am new to this site as well, I just received my new AT3-600 UR33 it all looked nice.

    It runs ok , I installed a new  fan on the back of the case to aid in cooling  But I attempted to install a external Graphics card and ran into some problems. I attempted to install 3 different cards with all of the same problems No Video.  A NVIDIA GT-210 , Nvidia GT-610 and a older Radeon 512mb PCIE card.. I went thru the BIOS setup which was not much help in finding a Primary Graphics setting to the PCIEx16 slot...Has anybody ran into this and what was the solution ??  I contacted ACER support in which they said for me to return the computer to the repair center located in Texas.


  • barrie3223barrie3223 Posts: 3Member

    Can anyone please tell me if any of the Acer Aspire T3-600-UR33 USB ports are 3.0?



  • rebrandsrebrands Posts: 7Member

    Mine has two 3.0, and two 2.0 USB ports on the front, and six 2.0 ports on the rear.

  • judgegunsjudgeguns Posts: 1Member

    I am thinking about getting the 


    Acer Celeron G1620 2.7GHz Desktop PC |AT3-600-UR33


    will this desktop accept a video card?   would like to use  a  7750   Smiley Happy


    If so i am going to order that one !  Please reply  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • barrie3223barrie3223 Posts: 3Member

    Hello rebrands,

    Have you managed to add a second SATA hard drive to your AT3-600-UR33 yet? Any advice on doing so would be greatly appreciated.


  • rebrandsrebrands Posts: 7Member

    As yet I have not been able to get it to recognize the additional SATA hard drive.  I would try to use the BIOS to force it, but I can't seem to get to the BIOS, Win 8 doesn't give you the chance to hit the delete key during startup.

  • barrie3223barrie3223 Posts: 3Member

    Hello rebrands,


    Thanks for your rapid reply. I am able to access my BIOS if I do a ‘Restart’. On a Restart, I get a single beep and shortly after that, a brief prompt at the lower left of the screen to hit ‘Delete’.


    After looking over the BIOS entrees concerning SATA drives, I think the most likely cause of your not being able to use a second hard drive is that the drive you are trying to use is not capable of running in AHCI mode. The drives in the AT3-600-UR33 are SATA AHCI and the BIOS is factory configured to use SATA ACHI mode. AHCI is a relatively new standard and plenty of the older SATA drives can’t use it.


    I do have some more thoughts on the matter so please let me know if you think your second hard drive is indeed capable of AHCI.





  • rebrandsrebrands Posts: 7Member

    AHCI is a new one to me, I'll have to research it.  I had tried doing restarts and shutdowns to bring up the BIOS with no luck, however, today I discovered that if I do a power failure (unplug) shutdown it will then bring up the BIOS after the beep and delete key.  I have not taken it any farther yet.  The hard drive I wanted to add is a couple years old, so it may not be compatable.  Thanks for the tip.

  • chriskvchriskv Posts: 28Member

    To clarify, there are two USB 3.0 port in the front and two in the back.  Also two 2.0 in front and four 2.0 USBs on back.  I did not notice any extras on the motherboard.

  • redstarfish40redstarfish40 Posts: 2Member

    I too am interested in the Acer Celeron G1620 2.7GHz Desktop PC |AT3-600-UR33 but am not able to find any specs on computer when searched the internet and that link that someone provided is giving me an error message.  I would like to know what the RAM can be expanded to from the 4GB that comes with the unit?  How many memory slots?  Video memory? Can I stream netflix on this computer?? Can the computer only be used wireless??  I have a modem/router now that I would like to continue to use.  I am looking for a madchine that I can expand as necessary.  Any of the above info would be greatly appreciated! I am not all the knowledgeable but do know what I do want vs what I don't.  Thanks for any help!

  • redstarfish40redstarfish40 Posts: 2Member

    Smiley MadThanks everyone for the help!!!!!!!!!!

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